Among Us: How to Tell If They Pretend to Do the Wires Homework

Among Us: How to Tell If They Pretend to Do the Wires Homework

In the title of Among Us, it is very important to know all the tasks in detail, since it will help you whether you are a crew member, or if you are an impostor. Usually imposters pretend to do some tasks and this is why we must be aware if you want to find out. So today we are going to talk about how to tell if they pretend to do the wire work .

Find out if they pretend to do the homework on cables

Imposters are what the word itself says they are, so it is very important to be clear that they cannot perform tasks . What they do is pretend that they are doing the tasks in the game , this is the right time to catch them and the cable task is the right one to realize this.

You should be clear that the cable task is a long task that is divided into several sections. This means that to complete it properly you must start in a specific area , move on to another section and end in a third specific area, so it can be a bit difficult to follow if you are the imposter.

In general, they are not aware of the area in which they are beginning to carry out the task of the cables . So you must know the starting place and the path that must be followed to complete the task successfully, this route may vary a bit and the areas are different for each map .

Therefore, what we recommend you do is carefully analyze the starting area of ​​the cable task , for each map and the possible routes. 

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