Among Us: Mod menu for online on android


Among Us: Mod menu for online on android

Among Us Ver. 2020.9.9 MOD MENU APK.

This cheat is designed to be played online and has huge functionality.


1. Delete the original game

2. Download the modified APK

3. Install the modified APK

4. Grant the permissions requested when you first start the modified game.

5. Enjoy.

Sign in to Google+ is possible? No.

Is Facebook login possible? Yes. But uninstall your Facebook app from the device.

Is it possible to log into a specific game account (for example: HIVE)? Yes.


[Player Menu]

- Show Crew / Imposter

- Recover without killing

- End voting

- Teleport to meeting point

- Unlimited number of meetings in case of emergency

- No meeting recharge

- No door recharge


- Forcing everyone to enter the vent

- Walking through walls

- Sabotage lights

- Distance of light

- Close doors

- Ghost mode

- Complete tasks

- Select text

- Spam

- [Motion menu]

- Speed

- [Host Menu]

- Always Imposter

- End of Game [Impostors Win]

- End of Game [Team Win]

- Random Colors

- Random Hats

- Random Skins

- Random Pets

- Change Names

- [Account Menu]

- Unlock All Skins

- Unlock All Pets

- Unlock All Hats

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