Animal Crossing New Horizons, maple leaves: where to find them and their use? Our guide

Animal Crossing New Horizons, maple leaves: where to find them and their use? Our guide

Half of the month of November has already passed, Animal Crossing received a new update bringing two new events to enhance this end of the year. However, you may have noticed that maple leaves have been falling on your island for a few days. This page of our complete Animal Crossing: New Horizons solution will tell you all there is to know about them.


From November 16 to 26 in the northern hemisphere and from May 16 to 26 in the southern hemisphere, you will be able to harvest maple leaves on your island. Marie will invite you to do so during your first connection during these dates.

In particular, it will offer you one of the manufacturing plans related to this element.


To be able to harvest them , it will suffice, as during the event related to the cherry tree petals, to take out your net to catch the leaves which will pass near you.


Maple leaves can be used to craft new items . However, you will need to have found manufacturing plans related to them. These can be found in flying balloons , talking to your locals, or in bottles by the sea.


Here is the list of manufacturing plans that you will be able to find and make with maple leaves:

  • Forest fruit arch

4 pine cones / 5 acorns / 5 maple leaves / 15 tree branches

  • Large forest berry tree

5 pine cones / 4 acorns / 4 maple leaves / 8 tree branches / 4 clay

  • Maple leaf pebble pond

10 stones / 3 maple leaves

  • Autumn wall

10 maple leaves / 5 wood / 5 weeds

  • Maple leaf umbrella

7 maple leaves

  • Maple leaf pouch

6 maple leaves

  • Autumn ground

10 maple leaves / 5 weeds

  • Leaf stool

3 maple leaves / 3 wood

  • Pile of red leaves

3 maple leaves / 4 weeds

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