Animal Crossing New Horizons: Update 1.6.0, our complete guide

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Update 1.6.0, our complete guide

The month of November is not yet over as Animal Crossing New Horizons , the last game in the license for Nintendo Switch , has a brand new update: 1.6.0. This will introduce the sharing festival and the day of gifts in addition to a lot of other content that will be detailed in this page. Today we take stock in our complete Animal Crossing: New Horizons walkthrough on the content of this update.

The 1.6.0 update was released on 19 November 2020 and will help to bring some new gameplay elements and two events spread between this month and December.


Two new events will be available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons: the day of sharing and day gifts . Few details are known to date regarding these, but you will find guides dedicated to each of them as soon as they become available.

The day of sharing

The day of sharing is an event that will take place on 26 November . You will be reminded of this by Marie and by a note on your island bulletin board.

On this special day, Dindou the turkey , a world famous chef, will visit your island and cook in front of the town hall. You will have to help him find the necessary ingredients to satisfy the inhabitants of your island and receive rewards.

The day of gifts

Giveaway Day is an event that will take place on December 24 . You will receive a visit from the reindeer Rodolphe who will need your help to distribute gifts to all your villagers. Rewards will obviously be on the program so that the party is complete.


This game update will bring its share of new facial expressions. To receive and use them, nothing could be simpler. Go to Town Hall, interact with the Nook Stop, and purchase the "Mimiques sans Mi'kmaq" upgrade for 2700 bells.

This bundle will allow you to use 9 new facial expressions , details of which can be found in our guide dedicated to the facial expressions available in the game.


From new hairstyles will also be added to the game through this update . To learn them, also go to the Nook Stop and then purchase the "6 Hairstyles That Shake" upgrade . You can instantly go to a mirror or a dressing table to test your new acquisitions.


With this new update you will no longer need to sort your home storage . Indeed, as soon as the update is installed, Nook Inc. will send you an email to notify you of the news . Go find him in the town hall to find out more.

Please note that this upgrade is only available if you already have the maximum upgrade for your home . If this is the case, talk to Tom Nook and select the option "Increase storage space" . He will ask you for 500,000 bells to pay in cash.

Your storage space will evolve the next day and will go from 1600 to 2400 inventory places.


Since update 1.4.0 , it is possible to go to the dream world while sleeping in a bed.

The 1.6.0 update brings the opportunity to visit a random island when your dreams . To do this, go to sleep in a bed and when Serena asks you what you want to do, say "Surprise me".

You will be sent to an island chosen randomly from among all the people who have agreed to be part of this list of islands. To be part of it, accept the offer she will make to you when you first speak to her after installing the update or select "My Island's Dream" then "Change Surprise Share".


This update will allow you to transfer your island to another console . However, you will need to download software on your two Switches and follow the steps indicated there to permanently move your island.


As usual, Nintendo will send you a small gift by letter to thank you for updating the game . This time, you will receive a Yule log in anticipation of the end of the year holidays.

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