Arboria's 6th Tainted Throne Update Released

Arboria's 6th Tainted Throne Update Released

Video game developer Dreamplant and publisher All In Games recently announced a Tainted Throne update for their dark fantasy game Arboria . This is the sixth major update to the game during the Steam Early Access phase and brings with it a list of numerous new items, improvements and fixes.

The Tainted Throne update was announced in a press release, and the official trailer for the Tainted Throne update was posted on the All In Games YouTube channel. Also, with the announcement of the update, a special promo-discount of 25% of the price of early access to the game will be added, which will drop to 326 rubles by November 27.

ICYMI, Arboria is a third-person rogue-lite RPG in which you play as the warrior Jotun. You have a symbiont (or you have it) and mutations that give you unusual abilities. You are entrusted to lead the Jotun on the path to becoming the Chosen One, the one who will save the Tree of the Father, the source of all life in Durnar, and also save the Jotun Tribe from extinction. To accomplish this great feat, you will have to leave your safe home refuge and travel to the Hole that leads to the underworld of courage and destruction.

Arboria offers dynamic real-time combat, procedurally generated dungeons, many enemies to overcome, and many symbiotic weapons and mutations to use against them. One of the key features of your weapon is that it transforms and becomes stronger with use.

The Tainted Throne update adds a host of new improvements, including the mutagen mechanic, "a set of modifiers that change various game mechanics."

According to the Arboria update roadmap, there are only two major updates left, which likely means the game is close to its official release date.

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