Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - All Asgard Collectibles

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - All Asgard Collectibles

In this guide, we will show you where you can find all the riches and secrets located throughout Asgard.

Collectibles location in Asgard

We've taken the liberty of accurately tracking every collectible in Asgard in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and have listed them below to better assist you on your excavation journey.

The only wealth you can find here are Ymir's tearstones.

Wealth # 1

The first of Ymir's many tearstones can be found on the island with the Heimdall tower.

Follow the marker along the side of the mountain when you find a small cave entrance that leads you inside. Here you will find a brittle floor.

Take the explosive flask above and point it down to the floor below to open the chest containing Ymir's tearstone.

Wealth # 2

The second tearstone can be found on the same island (Heimdall Tower). Head east of the Heimdall Tower.

Take the flask with explosives and run along the rope through the row of posts. Aim it at the destructible wall and open the chest to collect Ymir's Tear Stone.

Wealth # 3

Head northeast of the Heimdall Tower to find this treasure. Run along the coast and find a chest under the tent that contains another stone of Ymir's tears.

Wealth # 4

The fourth piece can be found in the eastern part of Asgard, on the easternmost island.

Follow the marker to a small but suitable home. Break the wooden window in the back to access the chest inside.

Wealth # 5

The fifth piece can be found a little southeast of the fourth tearstone.

Climb the trees and use the rope to get to the chest on one of the platforms. Search it to find the fifth Ymir's Tearstone.

Wealth # 6

Head further southeast to find various treasures stacked together on the same island as Ymir's fourth and fifth tearstone.

Get to the top of the marked tower to find the Tearstone Chest.

Wealth # 7

Jump off the tower you just climbed and continue south from the haystack until you reach the guards sitting around the fire and guarding the chest.

Defeat the guards and take the Tearstone from the chest.

Wealth # 8

Head east of the fire and break the ice wall to find a secret passage.

Go through the small gap to your right and continue forward to find a frosted window. Shoot through it to open the door on the other side.

Follow the open path to the chest and take Ymir's Tearstone.

Wealth # 9

Slip through the hole and use the explosive flask to open the destructible wall ahead. Here you will find another chest with another Ymir Tearstone.

Wealth # 10

Travel to the southeastern part of the East Island. Park your way through the broken docks to find a treasure chest on a small island.

Wealth # 11.

Go to the Well of Urdra and go deep into the cave. Dive into the water and head back to find a chest with Ymir's Stone of Tears.

Wealth # 12

Go back through the water and go up again. Walk through the depths of the cave to find another treasure chest on the platform above.

Wealth # 13

Dive from the top of the Utengard Abyss into a haystack. Then dive back into the water below.

Swim back to the cave to find a beam inside. Redirect it to reflect on the next sphere. Turn the next ball into the last one and activate the device.

The tearstone is under the cave. Swim along the open path below and find a chest with a tearstone.

Wealth # 14

Travel to Utengard Abyss to find a chest in the center of the circle. The chest will be locked and the key can be found through a gap in the wall on the north side.

Take the key from one of the guards and open the chest to find Ymir's tearstone.

Wealth # 15

The fifteenth tearstone is located north of the previous one. Climb the wall and follow the chest through the crack in the wall.

You will find it locked behind a wooden gate. Go up and move the different parts to gain access.

Wealth # 16

You can find another piece of wealth at Utengard Abyss. Punch through the wooden ceiling to land on the chest with another tearstone from Ymir.

Wealth # 17

Head east of the Utengard Abyss to find a piece of wealth resting in a small room in the mountains.

Wealth # 18

Another tearstone can be found nearby, in the same area, just to the east.

Use the wooden grate at the top to trigger an explosion at the bottom and open the gate. Log in and just collect your reward.

Wealth # 19

Continue further east into the river from the previous tearstone and dive under the water to find a tearstone deep below in a sunken chest.

Wealth # 20 / Secret # 6 - Noble Hearts

Head west from your previous location to find a herd of deer.

It's more like a world event, and you'll have to follow the reindeer and protect them from the pack of wolves until you find a crafted chest that contains one of Ymir's tearstones.

Wealth # 21

Go right under the Asgard sign on the map. Go to the Ivaldi Forge and go upstairs.

Knock down the stairs and climb up the hidden platform to find your treasure.

Wealth # 22.

Now dive back down and continue just a little back until you find a passage in the wall.

Here you will find another chest with another Ymir Tearstone within the Ivaldi Forge.

Wealth # 23

Get out of the Ivaldi Forge and head northwest to the next wealth site.

You will find that the chest is out of reach behind the iron bars. Dive under the water to walk past them and find a chest.

Wealth # 24.

Now head northeast of the Ivaldi Forge for the next Tearstone. Take a flask with explosives and throw it at the door blocked by rubble to create a hole. Take the Tearstone from the chest.

Wealth # 25

This time, head southeast of the Ivaldi Forge, towards the altar of Ymir. The chest will be at the top of the platform in front of you, past the poison gas. Grab it and set out as soon as possible.

Wealth # 26.

Now head to the center of the island, next to the Ivaldi forge.

Climb the golden pillar and continue climbing to the top of the huge structure to find the zipline. Use the rope and drop onto the first rope you see.

Follow the rope to the chest and take the Tearstone.

Wealth No. 27

Go north from the altar of Ymir to find the 27th piece of wealth. It can be found simply on the marked platform.

Wealth # 28

Head southeast from the Ymir Altar, past the river, to a small island (Endr Hill). Dive underneath as you travel to the island to find a hidden passage below it.

Open the gate by solving a simple puzzle and redirecting the electrical beams to the appropriate receivers.

Here you will find two passages (Breaking Walls) protected by shields. The one on your right contains the enemy, and the one on the left contains Ymir's tearstone.

Wealth # 29

Go to Endre Holm Island and in the south you will find a marked treasure hunk. Head into the depths of the cave to find a chest in the center next to the statue.

Wealth # 30

After you defeat Fenrir, you can reach this tearstone.

You can find some of the wealth on the westernmost island of Asgard.

Make your way to the chest through the hole in the mountain. Move the boulder to the side to continue moving forward.

You will find two slits in front of you. The one on the left will lead you to the letter, and the one on the right will take you to a chest containing Ymir's tearstone.

Location of secrets

Secret # 1 - Lament of Njord

The secret can be found on a tiny island in the northern part of the map. It is easy to spot as it is the only small island in the area.

It seems that Njord is drunk on the side of a cliff, misses her true love Skadi, who prefers to live in the mountains.

When you tell Njord that he is taking risks by staying put. He will get up and ask to bring him a boat.

After you bring the boat, take him to the marked location to complete the mystery.

Secret # 2 - Food of the Gods

Andhrimnir seeks to hunt the immortal boar, food for loyalty. You can find the hunter in the northwestern part of the East Island in Asgard.

Follow Andhrimnir into the forest. He will take you to the boar.

Secret # 3 - Milk of Humanity

This secret can be found south of Trollton. You will find Audumble is locked in a cage and very hungry.

Create a path for the cow to leave. Follow him outside until you complete the event.

Secret # 4 - Cairn. Completed

Head southeast of the Utangard Abyss to find a puzzle on the cliff side. Start stacking stones to reach the marked height.

This will complete Cairn.

Secret # 5 - The Well of Hel.

Now continue northeast of your previous location or east of the Utangard Abyss to find Hel's Well. Motull will scream, asking you to let him into the Hel well.

He will challenge you to battle and ask you to fulfill his wish if he wins, or send him to Helheim if he loses.

Defeat him to reveal the secret.

Secret # 6 - Noble Hearts

Head west from your previous location to find a herd of deer. It's more like a world event and you will have to follow the reindeer and protect them from the pack of wolves until you find a crafted chest that contains one of Ymir's tearstones.

This will complete the puzzle too.

Secret # 7 - The Flight of Thor

Walk south of the Ivaldi Forge until you reach the shore. Accept Thor's challenge and prepare to reject it.

Thor: Come and fly to me, Allfather, it's time to perform. I am the lord of thunder. Cross the water and meet me. I will show you my power.

Njord: Beware of what you ask for, I will end the fight.

Thor: I have killed giants and monsters, I am infinitely brave. I am adored by the masses, from warrior to slave. You are the worst of the Aesir, you old pampered dolt.

Njord: I am as wise as an owl, you are the fool of God.

Thor: Shame serves as your shadow wherever you roam. It's about your failure, and I will hammer her home. You are a smug gray-bearded man who will soon end.

Njord: Well, your victory is not what my visions portend.

Secret # 8 - Valhalla's Wealth

The 8th Mystery can be found next to Indre Holm. Talk to Einherius and after a short conversation, this will complete the mystery.

Secret # 9 - Altar of Ymir the Last

the secret of Asgard can be found on the central island, east of the Ivaldi Forge.

Go to the rock in the center and make an offering to the altar of Ymir. This will complete all puzzles in the Asgard area.

These should be all collectibles in the Asgard region in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

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