Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - All Essex Collectibles

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - All Essex Collectibles

This guide will focus on the locations of wealth, mystery, and artifacts in the Essex region. It will also tell you how to get each of them.

Collectibles Locations in Essex


In Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Essex Wealth Collections will be marked with gold badges on the world map. Wealth includes the following types of collectibles:

  • Ingots
  • Gears
  • Abilities
  • Cargo.

Wealth # 1:

Location: North of Maeldong

Shoot an incendiary arrow at the wall and it will explode.

Wealth # 2: Ingot

Location: West of Maeldun Saltern Camp.

You need a key first. It is in the possession of the enemy of the Standard Bearer, found near the reservoirs by the sea. Then climb onto the lower roof of the house, where the object of wealth is located, and aim from the window at the door lock. To open the chest located on the top floor, enter the building.

Wealth # 3: Ingot

Location: East of Maeldun Saltern Camp

The enemy you killed for your previous wealth also owns this place.

Wealth # 4: Ingot

Location: Turrand Lars Ruin

Dive, then get to the hole in the wall. Then swim to the left, straight ahead, down the stairs, up the stairs, then back to the surface. Then, to get into the chest, climb the walls.

Wealth # 5: Ingot

Location: Porra Wall

Find the enemy camp. The chest is hidden inside it. There is a key in the surrounding tower. You need to climb the tower and then smash the barricade on the floor, as the door leading to it is blocked. Go down the key and take it. Then go to the house with the chest to open it and get this Ingot.

Wealth # 6: Ingot

Location: Tomb of Kini Ezevin

To find the chest, blow up the wall with an incendiary arrow.

Wealth # 7: Ingot

Location: South Colchester

Blow up the ruins to access the closest dungeon access by going down two floors. Naturally, you can continue along the main route.

Alternatively, you can crawl through the scaffolding and gradually move the platform with a little water to get to the new office. Plunge into the sea.

There is a fork here. You need to swim to the left of the ingot, but the door is closed. Instead, swim to the right to find the key.

Finally, you will climb other forests. Use the handle to turn the other way.

To get the key, dive into the tiny tub. Swim back and open the door in the direction you came from. The key needed to enter the Ingot is kept in this room.

Now head back, head back to the fork and swim right again as if you were first joining the Bureau.

This is the same route that took you to the second forests you swung from earlier.

Don't go back to the scaffolding, but stop halfway to find a door that will lead you to the key we need to open the ingot door. Collect the key and swim to open the door this time for a piece of wealth.

Wealth # 8:

Location: South of Kolkustra

You will find this wealth by entering the door.

Wealth # 9: Ingot

Location: Colchester Barracks

One of the Archer's enemies has it at the top of the destroyed tower.

Wealth # 10: Ingot

Location: Colchester Barracks

First, you need to find the key that is in the restricted area. Shoot an arrow from each small hole in the locked area to open one of the doors.

Now, as shown in the screenshot below, make your way to the room and head down the stairs. Open the door on the left and switch to get the key from the platform.

Now climb onto the wooden tower and activate the barred door lock. Go down the stairs and catch your share of the wealth. Get to the tower.

Wealth # 11:

Location: Church of Sancheta

To find the locked entrance, enter the church. The secret is on the other side of the church, but you need to move the deck to the left of the church bar entrance to get to it.

Come in, catch them from the window and open the door. Move the platform to an open area to quickly reach the stairs and go upstairs.

Then activate the lock from the next stairs and go upstairs.

Wealth # 12:

Location: Robbery Outpost

Approach the exact position of the marker and with two opponents you can enter a slightly elevated area.

There are several metal rods on the ground here that can be fired through the door lock.

Wealth # 13:

Location: East of Saint Maria Abbey

Start a raid, kill all enemies and loot the chest.

Wealth # 14:

Location: Southeast of Saint Maria Abbey

No fight or strength is required; just find the stables.

Wealth # 15:

Location: Further southeast of the Abbey of St. Maria

Start a raid, kill all enemies and loot the chest.

Wealth # 16: Ingot

Location: East of the Belesdun Bandit Camp

You will need to use Odin's Gaze to find the key that the enemy has.

Wealth # 17: Ingot

Location: Belesdun Bandit Camp

It is held by the enemy you killed earlier.

Wealth # 18:

Location: Belesdun Bandit Camp

Go and shoot at the wooden barricade behind the church. Knock the door lock from here and enter the room from the other side.

Wealth # 19: Ingot

Location: South of the Belesduna Bandit Camp

You will see a pillar, go and climb on it. From there, shoot the door lock to collect the Wealth.


Secrets are marked with blue icons on the world map.

Secret # 1: World Event (take me as your husband)

Location: Northwest of Furrim Larus Ruins

You will see a woman. The woman wants you to kidnap a man who lives nearby in a house with red flowers everywhere.

Climb over the hill to see a house surrounded by red flowers and a man at the well. Chat with him.

This will trigger a fist war. Beat him up, tie him up and take him down to the woman's house.

Secret # 2: World Event (Banshee)

Location: West of Maeldun

Go ahead and start a conversation with the crying person in the hideout. Shoot an arrow over his red tent on the barricade. Shoot him now and collect his loot to complete the mystery.

Secret # 3: Britain's Treasure

Location: Southeast of Colchester

Keep walking forward until you see a branch to bounce off of. Walk left or right before you can go deeper into the tunnel.

Continue along the road and finally you will come to a basement with many large barrels. The treasure lies under a box that you cannot reach.

You need to open enough barrels to get what you came here for by shooting an arrow into their castles.

Secret # 4: Flight

Location: North of Colchester

Below are the solutions:

  • For they lull everyone who hears them;
  • I will conquer you and cast out all doubts;
  • Give me the ointment, because your words make me sick.

Secret # 5: Amanita

Location: Northeast of Halstead Outpost

When facing the goal, here is the solution from left to right: red, blue, blue, red, red, blue.

Secret # 6: World Event (Mother)

Location: Southeast of Halstead Outpost

Shoot the wolf in place, raise the roof and collect cute roses. This will trigger an opportunity to chat inside the house with the guy.

To end this mystery, talk to the person inside and choose the dialogue option.

Secret # 7: World Event (Riddler)

Location: West of Halstead Outpost

He has 3 riddles for you. Here are the riddles and their solutions:

  • My head has been hammered, wounded with sharp objects, flies cleaned. I take in my mouth what is in front of me: a lock and a key;
  • I saw a strange thing, wonderfully shaped, singing in a tavern. Its beak below stood on loose legs that could not walk: bagpipes;
  • With my tears, I rush far and wide on my path of revenge. When I shake the forest, I crash the fruits from the trees: the storm.

Secret # 8: An altar for Sacrifices 

Location: Altar to Walhaen

To do this, you will need 30 iron ore. They can be found in caves, especially the caves leading to the Treasures of Britain.

Secret # 9: World Event (The Prodigy)

Location: Agnitum Tower

You will need to talk to the man and then the bishop across from him. Finally, defeat him to end this Mystery.

Secret # 10: World Event (Devil's Hole)

Location: Bkorn

Talk to a man. Join the cave and talk to the man. It's up to you to save or kill. Return to the person outside the cave to end this mystery.

Secret # 11: World Event (The Gleewoman)

Location: Southwest of Wulfasur

Give the woman freedom and hang out with her. The lady will start to cheer you up. She needs you to see the slain enemy.

After a while, she will leave and you will be faced with three options, but you must pay her the maximum amount to put an end to this mystery.

Secret # 12: World Event (Golden Nosed Boar)

Location: Northwest of Old Gravesham Bridge

Find the Boarmaster and start a conversation with him. Now follow the boar and when the boar stops, examine the ground.

Now go and get the first treasure, and then chase the boar again. Examine the field again after it ends.

Follow the boar again after collecting the third treasure, but be prepared to fend off any thugs trying to kill him this time.

To end this mystery, now collect the fourth treasure next to the boar.


Collectible artifacts in Essex in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla are marked with white icons on the map. These include the following types of collectibles:

  • Fragments of rigsogur;
  • Treasure maps;
  • Flying papers;
  • Roman artifacts;
  • Cursed symbols.

Artifact # 1: Roman Artifact

Location: Far northwest of Mildun Salt Camp

There are Roman ruins near the site of this artifact. This Roman artifact sits in a nest on one of the tree branches shown below. From its root you can climb a tree.

Artifact # 2: Rigsogur Fragment

Location: Eldorman Pants

Enter the house through one of the open windows in the back. Then go up the left stairs to find an open room with an Artifact inside.

Artifact # 3: Roman Artifact

Place: Eldorman Pants

Climb to the roof of the building.

Artifact # 4: Roman Artifact

Location: Northwest of Colchester Barracks

You will find it under the hay.

Artifact # 5: Flying Paper

Location: Colchester

Start by pushing down on the paper and chasing it along the way to grab it.

Artifact # 6: Flying Paper

Location: West of Colchester

This, too, starts with launching the paper and chasing it along the way to grab it.

Artifact # 7: Treasure Map

Location: Church of Saint

To find the locked entrance, enter the church. The secret is on the other side of the church, but you need to board to the left of the church bar entrance to get to it.

Come in, catch them from the window and open the door. Move the platform to an open area to quickly reach the stairs and go upstairs.

Then activate the lock from the next stairs and go upstairs.

Artifact # 8: Cursed Symbol

Location: Far North of the Church of Sancta

Shoot the barricade and move the platform to find this Cursed Symbol.

Artifact # 9: Cursed Symbol

Location: South of Walden

This cursed symbol is found in a cage hanging from one of the branches of a tree.

Artifact # 10: Roman Artifact

Location: Far northwest of Beorn Cave

Shoot an explosive arrow at the ruins on the top floor of the ruins to open a hole in the ground that will lead you to this Roman artifact.

Artifact # 11: Cursed Symbol

Location: Far southeast of the Belsduna bandit camp.

Shoot the Cursed Symbol in the center of the tree.

Artifact # 12: Roman artifact

Location: Southwest of Wulfasur

You will need to move the platform to the top of the ruins to capture this artifact.

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