Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - All Lunden Collectibles

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - All Lunden Collectibles

In our guide, we'll cut the work for you and show you where all the collectibles in the Lunden region are in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

Lunden collectible locations in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

The content-rich world of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is full of things to do and secrets to discover.

Various collectibles can be found in Lunden, including wealth, secrets, and artifacts.

Below you will find an overview of the location of all these collectibles So let's get started.

Collectibles location

Wealth collectibles appear in the world in the form of gold coins, and in Lunden you will find a total of 8 of them.

Collecting all of the wealth collectibles will take you one step closer to getting all the terrorists for the finisher all the way! Trophy / Achievement.

Wealth # 1 - Equipment (British Shield)

While in the tunnels under the Temple of Mithra during the Walls and Shadows story mission, you will find this chest to the left of the board wall.

Wealth # 2 - Ingot (Nickel)

You will find this treasure in the panther room in the Temple of Sulis Minerva.

Shoot the arrow at the hook to make the concrete block fall. When he falls, there will be a hole in the ground.

You will be able to get the desired ingot from this hole.

Wealth # 3 - Ingot (Nickel)

You can get this collectible from the open chest in the small snake pit.

However, in order to obtain this chest, you will need a key, which you can obtain from a certain guard in the area.

Wealth # 4 - Equipment (Iron Cloud)

In the same building as above where you will find the 3rd wealth collectible, you will find this item in a chest.

However, you will need a key to open this chest, which you can grab from the opening behind the movable shelf.

Wealth # 5 - Ingot (Nickel)

You will find this collectible in a chest at the very end of the tunnel, in front of a puddle of green water.

To get the key to open the chest, you need to kill the enemy Goliath in the area.

Wealth # 6 - Equipment (Mask of the Hidden)

You will find this collectible in a chest in the Bureau of Londinium.

To get inside the Londinium Bureau, you need to wade underwater until you reach a blocked wall.

Now go around the other side of the wall to destroy the oil containers to open the wall. As soon as it opens, walk by and take the chest.

Wealth # 7 - Ingot (Nickel)

Travel to the Bureau of Londinium in the same way as in the case of Wealth # 6.

Here you will see a suspended wooden platform at the bottom.

Swim to him and take the chest with this collectible from under the stone.

Wealth # 8 - Equipment (blacksmith hammer)

You will find this collectible in the chest at the top of the tower.

To get to this tower, punch through the wood panel on the ceiling from below and take the chest.

The Captain's Key can be obtained from the enemy military captain.

Locations of secrets

Secrets are a kind of side quests that appear on the world map as blue icons.

There are 5 riddles to solve and get even closer to getting All Terrorists for the Completionist All the Way! Trophy / Achievement.

Secret # 1 - Flight (Augusta Merry)

To solve this riddle, all you have to do is choose the following:

You are the embodiment of elegance, beauty and grace;

Oh, your valor is the subject of stories and songs;

It really is a pleasure, great partner of mine.

Secret # 2 - World Event (Demon Smell at Tithing)

To solve this riddle, you either need to disassemble the jugs, or take them and move the shelves for the person to leave.

Secret # 3 - World Event ("Shooting Stars")

Find a loose group of three and watch their performance to solve this riddle.

You will find Kitt near St Paul's Cathedral. Offer her 50 silver coins to make her return.

Isane can be found outside the city walls, and Synevulf will be locked up in a cage at Krepelgate Fort.

You need to open this cell and talk to him.

Now go to the quest marker and interact with it to watch the group's performance.

Secret # 4 - World Event (War of the Collectors)

During the main quest "Rivalry of the Ages", go to the collector's house and convince him to separate from the statue for free or for 130 silver coins.

(Note: the former only works if you have Level 5 Charisma from Flight)

Once this is done, return to Octavian to complete the quest and solve the mystery.

Secret # 5 - World Event (Last Flight of the Gildan Sparrow)

To unravel this mystery, you first need to travel to the wreckage in the Thames and swim underwater to open two chests.

One of these chests contains supplies and the other contains a message inviting him to visit the woman at the dock.

The woman will tell you that the necklace she is looking for is actually hidden in the belly of a cow and you will have to look for it.

Since there are no cow carcasses under the water, you will have to catch them from the pier.

Once you find the fish you are looking for, take the necklace and either keep it or return it to the woman.

Artifact locations

There are 3 artifacts in total that you can get your hands on, and they are displayed as white icons on the world map.

By collecting all 3 artifacts along with all the wealth and mysterious collectibles, you will get all the terrorists for the finisher along the way! Trophy / Achievement.

Artifact # 1 - Flying paper (tattoo design)

You will find it on a wooden beam protruding from Lundenwick Abbey.

Artifact # 2 - Flying paper (tattoo design)

You will find it on a wooden ledge in the Amphitheater.

Artifact # 3 - Flying paper (tattoo design)

You will find it on a tree branch that serves as a vantage point for the office.

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