Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - All Oxenefordscire Collectibles

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - All Oxenefordscire Collectibles

We have an in-depth guide to collectibles in the Oxenefordscire region so you know where all the items are and how to get them. So let's get down to business.

Collectibles location in Oxenefordscire

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla has three types of collectibles that you can find and collect in each region. These are Artifacts, Secrets and Wealth.


There are a total of 13 artifacts in the Oxenefordscire region in AC: Valhalla, and they will appear as white dots on your map when you sync viewpoints in the area.

These artifacts can be of different types, just like in other regions, for example, Roman artifacts, cursed symbols, treasure maps, etc.

You need to collect all the artifacts to get the 'Completionist All the Way' achievement.

Here is the location of all the artifacts:

Artifact # 1

This is a Roman artifact that you will find near Ewingou Tower.

Just go to the tower where the white dot on the map leads you and go down the cliff from where the statue on the tower is, and now you will need to go through the door.

The door will be locked, go up above the door on the right, go through the crack in the wall and shoot at the obstacle that stops the barrier, and then move the barrier to get inside the room. You will find the artifact inside the room.

Artifact # 2

Another Roman artifact that you will find underground. There will be a white point on some of the ruins.

You need to go under these ruins by the door on the north side. The key to the door will be hidden in the courtyard, which you can get with Odin's Gaze.

The artifact will be on the other side of the door.

Artifact # 3

This is another Roman artifact that you will also find under the ruins. This time you have to go through a hole in the ground.

This pit is covered with stones. Get to the location and you will see several pots on the other side of the rubble.

Take the pot and walk to the top of the pillar that is right next to the hole in the ground.

When you're at the top, drop the pot on the rubble and the pit will clear. Take a look inside and you will receive an artifact.

Artifact # 4

This is flying paper. Get to the original location of the paper, that is, the area of ​​the long house.

Get closer to him, and then you just need to follow him along a certain path, and you can choose him at the end of the path.

Artifact # 5

It is a cursed symbol that will be next to two flaming images. You must cross a pit full of poisonous gas.

Light it up and cross quickly as the gas will return.

Continue on the path forward and use the arrow to break the ground and jump down to find the cursed skull, shoot it to get the cursed symbol.

Artifact # 6

This is the treasure map that you will find in the mine.

Go to the marked location on the map and enter the mine from Eatun Barn using the pots on the right side to remove the blockade of the mine.

Inside the mine, you will see a statue; he has a key to the nearest loot chests.

There will be a boulder to the left of the statue, move it and go through the gap, and in the next room you will find a map. You can also find the treasure by following this map.

Artifact #7

Another flying paper that you will find on the roof of the house. Get to the marked spot and just follow the paper to catch it.

Artifact # 8

This is the Rigsogur Fragment that you will find next to Secret o. 7 in Oxenefordscire, by longboat.

Artifact # 9

This cursed symbol is behind the wall. The main task here is to break the wall. You will need a fire pit for this, and you will find it when you go up the hill to the left of the wall.

Use the zipline to move to another island where you will find a cache of fire pots, take one and now you need to return without throwing or breaking it.

Walk north of this small island to find ropes stretched over the waterline, use them and then head left.

Now you need to jump over the platforms on the water, then use another rope, then climb over the sunken house, then from the square raft and then the pole.

Continue following the rope and you will be returned to the first island where the wall is. Use the pot to destroy the wall and shoot the cursed symbol.

Artifact # 10

It is a Roman artifact that you will find in the Abbey of Saint Albanes.

Find the breakable tiles on the floor, take the pot of fire in the abbey and immediately go downstairs to find the artifact.

Artifact # 11

This is another treasure map that you have to go through in Hammehama. Find a well there and go down the well to find a map inside.

Artifact # 12

When you reach the marked location, you will find a sealed door.

Go south and see rubble, stand up, find the hole and jump off it.

Use the pots to destroy the barricade and then slide it and enter the door ahead.

Now go down the tunnel under the grates and break the wall at the end, then go up and use the ladder to climb further. You will find the artifact at the top of the altar.

Artifact # 13

This is a cursed object that you will find in the cave. Go inside and take the fire cauldron to your right.

When you get to the poison gas, move forward, place the fire pot and use the torch to burn the gas, and quickly move the pot to the other side before the gas returns.

Keep walking and cross two more gas pits and you will reach a destructible wall, use the fire pot to smash it and inside you will find a cursed object.

These are all collectible artifacts in the AAssassin's Creed: Valhalla Oxenefordscire region.


There are 10 puzzles in total in the Oxenefordscire region, and they will appear as blue dots on the map when you sync your vantage point.

Here is the location of all the puzzles:

Secret # 1

It's on the outskirts of Oxenefordscire and you just need to defeat Hogg Brley in flying combat.

Secret # 2

This is a world event in which you have to interact with Wall in the burning pyre of his team and make him cry.

You can do this if you have a level 3 enchantment; otherwise, you will have to fight him.

Secret # 3

This is a hallucination test in which you have to force Eyvor through five gates, numbered 1 to 5.

You need to make sure the Eyvor passes through the gate numerically from 1 to 5. The order will be center, second from left, far left, second from right, and far right.

Secret # 4

This is again a world event. Go to the marked location and the door will be locked. Go through the back and break the lock.

Go inside, go downstairs and interact with Ankoress. You must have Level 2 Charisma for Ancoress to go outside and complete this mystery and event.

Secret # 5

Get to the marked location, you will go through a cut-scene and then face three wolves. You must kill all three wolves to uncover the secret.

Secret # 6

Go to the marked place and talk to the woman there. She will ask you to save her dog from the house fire.

The front of the house is completely engulfed in flames, so go from the back and break down walls that can be broken.

Keep in mind that you also have to make way for the dog to escape, so keep breaking down all the walls on your way to the dog and then lead the dog to the woman and the  mystery and event will be over.

Secret # 7

Go to the marked place, talk to Alvar and start the event. You will need to use Odin's sight to help Alvar on his imaginary raid.

When you blow the horn, the wolves will come and you will have to kill them all in order to complete the event.

Secret # 8

Go to the marked place and the farmer will mistake you for his daughter and ask you to help him move the boxes.

You need to help and then listen to his story. When he falls asleep during the story, you need to wake him up to make sure he has completed the story in order to end the event.

Secret # 9

Go to the marked place and Nel will tell you to find her brother, who turned into a fish.

So you just need to keep fishing until Nel gets rid of her deception and give her all the fish to complete the event.

Secret # 10

When you get there, you will find an anomaly in the Animus and the world will freeze over and you will find yourself in virtual reality and control Layla.

Now you need to jump and find the anomaly to get everything back to normal.

It's a simple challenge for old Assassin's Creed: style jumping puzzles. In the end, interact with the anomaly to complete the mystery.

These are all mysteries in the Oxenefordscire area.


There are 22 collectible wealth locations in the Oxenefordscire region in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, and they will appear as gold dots on the map when you sync your vantage point.

Here are all the wealth locations:

Wealth # 1

It will be carried away by some thug from Linforda in the form of a nickel ingot.

Wealth # 2

It will be in a building at St Albanese Abbey. Open the door of the building and take it out of the chest.

Wealth # 3

This will be inside the main church at Albanez Abbey. Go through the window and open the door from the inside.

Then take the pot of fire east of the entrance and use it to break down the wall inside the church and get the treasure chest.

Wealth # 4

He will also be in the building at St Albanese Abbey and you must do the same as above.

Wealth # 5

Same as  wealth # 4

Wealth # 6

This will be in the building at the Abbey of Evisham on the upper level.

Wealth # 7

Back in the building at Evisham Abbey.

Wealth # 8

Back in the building at Evisham Abbey.

Wealth # 9

This one will be in a building in the village of Peri. You need to use Raven to get the house key behind the boulder.

Take the pots from the southwest of the ingot and place them in the house, break down the basement wall and get wealth.

Wealth # 10

This one will be in a building in Buckingham Village. Find the key to the church, go inside and use the stairs to climb, use the block to climb further and find the wealth in the chest.

Wealth # 11

This one will be in the house, in a chest on the table.

Wealth # 12

In the garrison of Leah's villa, shoot the castle from the outside and take the wealth inside. This will be after wealth number 13.

Wealth # 13

Enter the garrison of Leah's Villa and use the key on the table to open the locked room and obtain wealth. To your right will be wealth room 12.

Wealth # 14

It will also be in the garrison of Leah's Villa, in the soldier's room, right where you got the Key to Wealth # 13.

Wealth # 15

Back in the garrison of Leah's villa, in the master's robe chest inside the main building.

Wealth # 16

Go to the tower through the window and break the pulley to throw the chandelier and break the barrier of the barricade.

Take the barricade in the room and use it to get to the treasure chest inside.

Wealth # 17

Right below where you found your previous wealth. Go to the room below, take the key, break down the door and go outside.

Use the key to open the building in the north of the tower and get the book of knowledge inside.

Wealth # 18

This is in the abandoned shrine of Camulus.

Wealth # 19

It's in Avinhau tower. Go inside through the window and you will have to face a goliath who has an ingot.

Wealth # 20

This is in Hammeham village. The key will be behind the latticed door. Walk west to the small house and you will find the key behind the barricade.

Get the key, open the locked door and get a treasure chest.

Wealth # 21

It will be on the outskirts of Lunden. He will be located in the watchtower of Fort Krepelgate.

Go behind the tower and under the wooden structure of the tower you will see a window to enter the tower.

Move the barricade to see a hole in the ground, use it to get to the room and get the book of knowledge.

Wealth No. 22

This is in the castle of Sine Belle. Once you have captured the castle, go to the main room on the first floor to find this final treasure.

These are all wealth collecting sites in the Oxenefordscire area of ​​Valhalla.

And that concludes our guide to the locations of all the collectibles available in the Oxenefordscire region of Valhalla.

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