Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Guide: How to get the book of knowledge under Venonis in Ledecestrescire

 We continue our guide to the books of knowledge in Assassin's Creed Valhalla . The object - as we had already explained to you - is a sacred object and allows Eivor to learn a new ability. These skills are crucial in combat as they can inflict a lot of damage on enemies, potentially giving you an edge against the toughest ones, especially game bosses.

That said, there is a book of knowledge under Venonis , the ruins west of Raventhorpe.

Venonis Entrance

Once you are in sync with the region, use Odin's eyes and you will see that the book in question is underground, which means you need to find an entrance that takes you down.

book of knowledge under Venonis in Ledecestrescire Map

There is a staircase leading to an underground area. It should be to the left of the sync point, very close to the book of knowledge. Go down below and then follow the path to the right. It will take you even closer to the book of knowledge, but unfortunately, it is behind a wall barred by some grates. To overcome them, keep following the path until you reach a point where you have to jump into the water. Dive in and swim until you get to the other side. You will run into a wall, but you cannot use any direct attacks. Instead, shoot an arrow at the jug of oil which will explode, effectively destroying the wall.

Go through the breach and you can get the Book of Knowledge under Venonis in Ledecestrescire. The skill you will receive is the impalement of the harpoon . You will be able to throw a harpoon at an opponent and then re-throw it in the direction you want. A devastating weapon that will really inflict critical damage on the enemy in turn.

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