Assassin's Creed: Valhalla | Guide to choices

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla | Guide to choices

Recruiting Jomsvikings (clan members)

An important part of Aassassin's Creed: Valhalla is the ability to expand your settlement. To do this, you need to recruit clan members who will bring various benefits. To get them to join the family, however, you have to make the right decisions.

  • Who: Birna
  • Where: Grantebridgescire

During the quest "The stench of betrayal", you will have to choose who is the traitor (Birna, Lif, Galinn). The traitor is Galinn (he has visions and is clearly out of his mind). Choosing the traitor correctly will cause Birna to join your clan / settlement at the end of the Grantebridgescire story arc. If you choose the wrong traitor (Birna / Lif), then Birna will not join your village and Soma will be disappointed in you.

  • Chi: Finnr
  • Where: East Anglia

During the quest "A fury from the sea", after the boss fight with Rued , you can choose "Rued will die" or "Rued will live". If you let Rued die, he won't be able to cause any problems later in the wedding (at the end of the East Anglia story arc). If you let Rued live, he will show up later at the wedding. If you were to let him live, at the wedding you will have to make one more choice: let Oswald duel with Rued or step in and duel Rued yourself. If you let Oswald do the duel, Finnr won't join your clan, if you duel with Rued alone, then Finnr will join your clan.

To summarize: To recruit Finnr, let Rued live and then face him alone during the wedding.

  • Who: Rollo
  • Where: Essex

During the “Old Wounds” quest, at Rollo's camp you'll have to figure out who the traitor is again - Gerhild or Lork. The real traitor is Gerhild . If you accuse Gerhild, Estrid will have a happy fate throughout the history of Essex. If you pick the wrong traitor (Lork), then Estrid will get hurt. Choosing Gerhild is preferable, but unlike other times, this choice won't be critical, because Rollo will still join after completing the Essex story arc and reporting to Randvi.

  • Chi: Vili
  • Where: Snotinghamscire

During the “Under the Skin” quest Trygve wants to sacrifice his life to the gods by burning himself on a pyre. Your job is to find a worthy jarl (a count), so choose the option “Snotinghamscire can't lose another one” so that he doesn't kill himself. Having done this, later in the story, at the end of the Snotinghamscire story arc, during the main quest “Farewell and legacies” you can choose between Vili and Trygve as jarl. Choose the option “I see Trygve as jarl” . This way Vili will join you at your settlement as he has not been selected as a jarl.

Sigurd's Picks (Influences the ending)

There are 5 choices in the game that affect the ending, they call themselves Sigurd's Choices. If you make 3 choices against Sigurd, he will be upset and will leave England to return to Norway at the end of the game.

If you make the choices in support of Sigurd instead, he will be grateful and will stay with you in England at the end of the game.

Prologue - At the end of the chapter on Norway, you can choose whether to take the cargo with you to England (dishonorable) or leave it behind (honorable). Taking the cargo gives you resources for your first building in the settlement, but it counts as a slight to Sigurd. If you want Sigurd to stay with you at the end of the game, then, don't take the load.

In the settlement - At some point in the story you will get a new dialogue option with Randvi to take her for a pleasure ride. You can skip this mission completely or do it. If you do, this quest will end up in a tower with a nice view and a romantic option (option with the heart icon). If you start a romance with Randvi, Sigurd will be upset. Choose "Remain friends" or skip the mission completely if you don't want to do Sigurd wrong.

Oxenefordscire - Main quest “Blood from a stone”: You will have a discussion with Sigurd and Basim. There are the following dialogue choices "Catch the Breath", "Hit Basim", "Enough", "Hit Sigurd". If you punch Sigurd or Basim, the former will get angry either way, choose one of the other two options to counter him.

Ravensthorpe - A Brewing Storm main quest: After completing the Cent story arc, when you return to Ravensthorpe you will rest in your bed and then Dag will challenge you to a duel. After defeating Dag you have two choices: "Give Dag his ax" or "Deny Dag his ax". Choose to give it back to show Sigurd that you are a loyal person.

After completing the Essexe story arc - return to your Ravensthorpe settlement. There a cutscene will begin as soon as you enter, during which you have to issue a judgment to resolve a dispute between two people. As you sit on the throne, Sigurd enters the scene to assume his role as leader and make his judgment. If you say " This judgment is not right " Sigurd will be disappointed, if you say "I support Sigurd's judgment" he will be pleased.

Prevent / Allow the Zealots to hunt us

Zealots are very powerful enemies who could hunt you down (like Phylax in AC: Origins). This will depend on a choice to be made in the game.

During the quest "Heavy is the head", in Ledecestrescire, after the battle with the boss Leofrith , you can choose whether to save Leofrith's life (" Burgred has abandoned you" ), or to kill him (" Pray to your god now ") . If you spare him, he will tell you about the zealots and a scroll that you can burn, so they won't chase you for the rest of the game. If you kill him, the Zealots will start chasing you for the rest of the game.

Easy to choose, right? But it's not quite like that because being persecuted (killing Leofrith) is annoying, but it can make it easier to take platinum since the Zealots count as members of the Order of Ancients and, therefore, being hunted by them makes it easier. find them.

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