Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - How to Defeat Leofrith

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - How to Defeat Leofrith

This guide will guide you through the Leofrith boss fight in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. We describe some of the boss attacks and give you a clear strategy to follow in order to defeat this boss easily.

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla "Boss Leofrith"

You interrupt him and tell him to retreat, since Repton has already been stormed by the Ragnarsson and is about to fall. Leofrith refuses to surrender and the battle begins.

Leofrith attacks

Leofrith uses a two-handed longsword and has several attacks:

  • A simple blocking side kick followed by a fist kick. The attack drains a lot of stamina and should be blocked if you have enough stamina.
  • Slash down. Leofrith will bring his sword over his head and slash him down. The attack can be easily dodged or avoided by moving sideways. This attack is also a retreat attack, so be careful.
  • Leofrith can attack and rush towards you to hit you. He will hold his sword over his shoulder, aim it at you, and then run to unlock the attack. The attack itself is also a downslash, but much faster than the blocked version. The attack can be dodged or interrupted halfway by shooting Leofrith in the arm or leg with an arrow, which will be indicated by a golden glow;
  • When you are far from him, he will rush forward with a blow upward; make sure that he does not run towards you and leave the road. It also has a second punch combo followed by a fist. This attack can also be followed by a backstep slash, which is faster than the regular version;
  • As the battle progresses, Leofrith will begin to bypass you, striking from the bottom up. This is hard to dodge, so attack carefully.

How to defeat Leofrith

Defeating Leofrith is an endurance battle. Leofrith doesn't take much damage at the start of the fight, try to land and parry attacks to drain your stamina.

Once his stamina, represented by the bar above the health bar, is depleted, Leophrite will drop and you can land a stunning blow for massive damage.

Then your attacks will have a greater impact on Leofrith, and the battle will almost be won.

As Leofrith's stamina decreases, he becomes much more aggressive in his attack, pinning them down and repeatedly attacking you.

Leofrit has several attacks followed by a punch that can knock you down. Try to avoid them as falling down will open up more attacks for you.

You have to use ranged weapons to counteract its close range. When you decide to use the bow, aim for weak points in your arms and legs.

It will stun him if you hit him hard enough. This is only available for certain positions and not for all positions.

Once Leofrith is defeated, you will have the option to either kill him or spare him. Both options have different results, either making the game harder or easier.

Killing him will lead to the fact that the fanatics will hunt you for the rest of the game. Sparing him, Leofrith will reveal the location of a special scroll.

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