Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough


Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

Tips for completing all tasks of the story campaign Assassin's Creed Valhalla .

A matter of honor

After the introductory video, choose a character that you will control. You can also change the hero during the game. Watch another cut-scene after which you need to save your team. Follow the marker on the map, syncing viewpoints along the way. Remember to use the raven's eyesight to find interesting places.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla character choice

When you find yourself near the search area, you will meet with Doug. You need to infiltrate the camp, get rid of the enemies and find a large building. To get inside, climb onto the roof and go down the beams. Now you have to fight the first boss in the game. This is a training battle in which you will be shown the basic mechanics of a hero: attack, dodge and stamina expenditure.

  • After the battle, you will receive some items that can be used in your inventory.

After defeating the enemy, open the camera to release your team. Get out of the building and get ready for the next battle. Descend to the water, hop into the boat and head to Fornburg.

  • As you travel through the open world, you can raid small camps to find decent weapons and equipment. Do not ignore this opportunity.

After arriving in Fornburg, moor the boat at the dock and talk to Randwy on the shore. After the dialogue, the task will end.

Consolation of the Völva

From Fornburg you need to get to Valka hut, which is on the other side of the rocky area. You can get there on horseback, going around the mountains in a circle, or climb up the rocks and cross them on your two.

  • We recommend choosing the second method as you can find a large amount of iron ore in the mountains.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

Talk to the woman named Valka. At the end of the dialogue, ask Valka what she is cooking. Eyvor drinks the woman's potion and falls to the floor. After waking up, follow the man forward until you reach the cliff. Watch the video, then tell Valka about what you saw.

Family matters

Use the anchor icon on the global map to quickly move to Fronburg. Find Gunnar the blacksmith and talk to him. You can enhance your weapons with ingots. There are three types of ingots that can be found in the game:

  • Lump of Coal - allows you to upgrade your equipment from “good” to “excellent”;
  • Nickel Ingot - allows you to upgrade your equipment from “Excellent” to “Flawless”;
  • Tungsten Ingot - allows you to upgrade your equipment from "flawless" to "mythical".
It is enough to bring the required amount of resources to the blacksmith to strengthen your armor and weapons. To continue the quest, ask Gunnar how he is doing. Once you're done with the blacksmith, find Randvi nearby to trigger a cut-scene with Sturbjorn. After the dialogue, the task will end.

Return of the prodigal son

Return to the pier and watch the video. Follow Sigurd from the pier to the Sturbjørn tent. Listen to Sigurd's speeches, then talk to him. You will receive the Hidden Blade. Leave the tent and practice on the targets. At the end of the tutorial, follow Sigurd again and watch the final cut-scene.

Disturbed sleep

Leave the tent and follow the scout, then kill him. You need to deal with a few more scouts. To find them, use the marker on the global map. Climb up the hill near the settlement and deal with two more enemies.

Return to Sigurd and watch the cut-scene. Climb aboard the ship and follow the marker on the map. You need to defeat all the enemies in the village, as well as burn the supply carts.

  • At the edge of the settlement, you will see a cave entrance. There will be a locked door inside. Climb up the wall to the left of the door and open it from the other side. Here you will find a lore book with the Dance of Throwing Axes ability .

Cruel fate

Talk to Sigurd to start this quest. It is located on the rooftop of the observation tower in the village of Floreley. When you're ready, tell Sigurd about the start of the attack on Kyotvi the Cruel.

After several lengthy cutscenes, you have to fight Kyotvi. In battle, use dodges and deliver light blows. This will allow you to avoid damage and quickly deal with the enemy.

When the attack on the Kyötvi fortress begins, wait for your soldiers to install the stairs and climb the wall. You need to open the first gate. On the way there will be common enemies. Before heading to the second gate, inspect the village. Hidden treasures can be found in one of the tents.

  • You can get into this tent from the back side by shooting a bow through a wooden window.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

Use the rock on the left to open the second gate. Follow the detachment, and in one of the houses on the left you can find a new weapon " Iron Star ".

Follow the central building in the settlement. When Gorm sets fire to the building, climb up the wooden planks and jump out the window. After the battle, talk to Sigurd again to complete the quest.


  • Before setting off, check out the waterfall near the Kyotvi fortress. Inside you will find a lore book with the Fury of Helheim ability .
When you're ready, head to Alrekstad and speak with Sigurd. It is located in the inn on the right side of the main road. After the cut-scene, follow Basim. He will tell you how to use disguise. Use the hood to get past the guards and talk to Gorm. If even the guards notice you, you can kill them.

  • Secret : After the scene with Gorm, you will probably see the book of knowledge icon on the map. To get to the book, first you need to proceed to the house to which this icon leads. Inside, find a note that says about the lost key. Look for the Coarse Key in the pigsty next to this hut. A little to the right of the pigsty there is a small building, not far from which there is a net with stones. Use your bow to knock down the net and go underground. Follow forward, open the door with the key and take the book of knowledge with the Marked for Death ability.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

Attend the meeting in the main building of Alrekstad and watch a lengthy video, in the middle of which you will have to choose what to do with the son of the deceased Kyötvi - Gorm. Even if you choose to kill him, the king decides to expel him from his lands.

Seas of destiny

Before completing this quest, we strongly recommend that you explore the local lands and complete all available tasks. Drop into the tent and listen to Sigurd. Follow him to the pier, and when you are ready, go to England.


After the cutscene, inspect the excavations with the remains of Eyvor and return to the house. Before you connect to the Animus, talk to Rebecca and Sean, also inspect the objects in the house. You can use your laptop and read many informative notes.

  • To watch the scene with the falling satellite, leave the house and follow the road from the car.

Swan road home

Get out of the boat and look around the camp in front of you. Get rid of the enemies, then find the mechanism that holds the chain across the river and destroy it. This can be done with a bow or other weapons. Having dealt with this problem, return to the ship.

You are not welcome here

Mooring to the lands of England, you will meet a group of robbers. Defeat with two dozen enemies, then talk to Sigurd. Watch several lengthy videos to complete the quest.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

New house

Leave the tent and talk to the blacksmith Gunnar. He will tell you about local monasteries that can be raided. In each such monastery, you can loot two or more chests with supplies and materials.

At this stage, the construction of buildings in the settlement plays a decisive role. The more buildings you have built, the higher the glory of the settlement. But do not go too far right away: some monasteries will be beyond the power of your hero and squad. We recommend that you make raids gradually, and in between, complete world events and look for treasures on the global map.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

When you're ready, board the ship and head to the first monastery. The opponents here are not particularly strong, but we still advise you to be more prudent. After plundering the monastery, you can explore the Venoni area and find a synchronization point, or do it later. Return to camp and build a forge.

Talk to Sigurd, who will kindly provide you with a private room in the long house. Watch a few cutscenes the next morning and return to Randwy's Long House for a map of the surrounding area. Choose with whom to form an alliance. It is logical that it is better to start with the alliance of those rulers on which your camp is located - Grantebridgeshire .

To serve the light

Hayesam asks to build an office for the Brotherhood of the Unseen. If you completely plundered the Alchester Monastery in the previous quest, then you will have enough supplies and materials to build an office for the brotherhood. Listen to Hayesam, then interact with the sign in front of the tent to upgrade the building.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

To build you will need:

  • Supplies: 400
  • Materials: 30
After completing the building, Hayesam will offer you to walk with him. You can opt out or agree. If you agree, Hayesam will take you to a place nearby and tell you about Leap of Faith. Upon returning to the office of the Invisibles, you will learn about the Order of the Ancients, to defeat which you need to collect clues that are scattered around the world.

  • Most of the clues can be obtained for killing the Equalists - mercenaries who carry out assignments of the Order of the Ancients.
  • A small part of the hints can be obtained for forming alliances, exploring England and helping those in need.

Great scattered army

You need to reach the Durolipont Fortress, which is located southeast of Raversthorpe. When you find yourself at the fortress, we advise you to first visit the point of synchronization of the terrain, then go down and find Magni. He will tell you that the Saxons captured the city from their troops.

Go down to the water. To the left of the place where you spoke with Magni there is a pier. You can take a boat and cross to the other side of the river to the swamps. In the center of the river you will see a sunken ship. If you activate "Odin's vision", then at the bottom you will see treasure and other loot.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

When you land on the swamps, deal with the guards and free the captives. One of the captives will say that Soma with the remaining survivors went east. Most likely at this point in the passage there will be a thick fog, so we just recommend visiting the area called "Middleton". After dialogue with Soma, climb onto the roof of the tower and use the lantern to light the fire. This completes the task.

Orphans in the swamps

The quest will begin immediately after completing the previous quest. Soma asks you to find several surviving units in the swamps, while she will go with you. Follow the markers on the map, and then use Odin's vision to find the survivors:

  • In the first camp, you need to deal with a dozen enemies;
  • The second marker will lead you to the observation tower, which is surrounded by wolves;
  • The last mark on the map is at a small house in which the hostages are sitting.
Not far from the observation tower, where the wounded soldier sat down, you can find two secrets. The first secret is next to the tower, in a ruined house. You will see an entrance boarded up by boards, and under it several stones. Remove the stones and go inside.

The second secret is not far from the previous one. Examine the area near the coast and find a high fence made of stakes. A massive rack with stones blocks the way. You need to get rid of the wooden boxes inside with a bow, then move the rack and get inside.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

Return to former glory

From the swamps, head to the banks of Groentebridge. Talk to Soma and start capturing the city. To get rid of the first gate, just shoot the red pitchers. Continue to follow the city killing enemies until you find yourself at the second gate. Getting rid of them is even easier than the first ones: deliver a few hits with a melee weapon.

When you find yourself at the long house, several ordinary soldiers will come out of it, as well as a big man. If you don't have enough power to fight him, then you can stand nearby and fire from a bow. After that, at Soma's request, blow the horn and watch a lengthy cut-scene that ends the quest.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

  • The next three quests are related. You need to complete tasks and find out who betrayed Soma.

Unholy father

Talk to Liv, who is located near Groentebridge. When you're ready, head to the nearest settlement and kill the priest. This can be done either stealthily or with brute force. If you want to do everything quietly, put on your hood, get through the inner gate and find the priest on the first floor of the monastery. Kill him in any way, then finish it for sure.

  • In the only room on the first floor of the monastery you will find the book of knowledge and the ability for the character " Fire Trap ".
  • Explore the city to find several hidden treasures.

Ravensburg attack

Find Byrna near Ravensburg. When you're ready, launch your attack on the roadblock. It has two levels. To get to the upper level, you need to go inside, go around the first level and get to the observation tower. Climb up this tower.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

When you find yourself on the second level, you can find several secrets:

  • Pick up the key to the house from one of the enemies. They open a hut to the left of the observation tower. Inside you will find a book of knowledge and an ability for the hero " Dash and Throw ".
  • In the house opposite, inspect the chest with the " Hunter 's Armor " inside.

Destruction of Erningstone

Follow to Erningstone. We advise you to stealthily approach the place where Galinn is sitting in order to overhear his conversation. When the attack on the city begins, try to set fire to most of the houses as quickly as possible. The earlier the entire settlement burns, the faster the quest will be completed.

In the center of the settlement you can observe the bell. Sometimes enemies will run to him to call and thus call for reinforcements. Try not to let this happen, otherwise the battle will drag on for a long time. After the battle, talk to Galinn and complete the quest.

The smell of betrayal

Before returning to Soma, you need to find out who the traitor really is. Follow the steps below:

  • When exploring the monasteries, you can find a note stating that it is forbidden for enemy units to attack the yellow drakkar.
  • In a conversation with the shipbuilder Liv during the quest " Unholy Father ", you learned that recently someone stole a yellow paint from him.
  • Go to the swamps. In the very center between the three islands, you will see a drakkar covered in yellow paint. Deal with the robbers, examine the drakkar and read the note inside.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

You must remember who was closest to the yellow drakkar in the quest " Orphans in the swamps " and who was surrounded by a pack of wolves. Of course it was Galinn. When completing the quest " Destruction of Erningstone ", if you discreetly approach Gallin and listen to his conversation, he will say that Soma has already gotten pretty sick of everyone. Further proof that Galinn is a traitor is that he will kill the prisoner when you return to Soma in Granthebridge.

Eli Island

After exposing the traitor, travel to Eli Island and talk to Soma. First, we recommend that you act discreetly. But you can immediately start raiding and ravage the possessions of the monastery. If you decide to act covertly, look for a secret passage under the monastery in the east of the island. Go up the stairs and pick up the book of knowledge . Leave the basement and enter the monastery to kill Winmund.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

After the murder of Winmund, find a chest with materials in the monastery premises and start a raid. In addition to this chest, in the city you can find two more similar ones with materials and supplies. Once you've finished your treasure hunt, head to Soma's makeshift camp for a lengthy quest-ending video.

Granthebridgeshire Report

Return to Randwi and tell me what happened. After the dialogue, the girl will tell you about a strange merchant. This will begin the next quest.

Thousand Eyes

New merchants settled in the square in front of the quay. Chat with them to learn more about the Thousand Eyes Guild. After the conversation, you have the right to purchase various goods from them, including weapons and decorations for the village. In addition, upon completion of the dialogue, a new permanent quest "Viking for Hire" will become available to you.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

You can complete tasks under the contract from the Thousand Eyes guild. Activate contracts with Reda, the head of the guild. A certain time is allotted for the execution of the contract.

Ragnar's sons

This quest will become available if you talk to Randwi and select a new area to form an alliance. You need to get to Repton, a city northwest of Rayverthorpe. When you find yourself at the gate of Repton, we advise you to immediately synchronize the terrain.

Enter the building and listen to Ivar. Follow him to the main tent and watch another video. You can explore the city, and when you're ready, head to the pier and chat with Ubba. You need to get to the Tamworth fortress in any way and go to the gates of the city.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

After dialogue with King Burgred, the game will also give you time to explore the area and prepare for battle. To launch the attack on Tamworth, find the warrior in the camp of the sons of Ragnar and tell her that it is time to begin the battle.

Taking this fortress looks like any other raid. Move deep into the city and open the gates from the inside, killing enemies along the way. Do not forget to inspect buildings for treasures and other valuable items.

When you get to the long house, watch another short cut-scene. To complete the task, use "Odin's vision" and look around the house. In one of the rooms, you will find a " royal book of records " from a mercenary, whom you might have seen earlier in the tent with Ubba and Ivar. After reading this find, go to Ivar.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough


Use the map to track Sigurd's location and follow him. Follow your brother until you are at the gates of Tonnastadir city. The same mercenary Ton will come to meet you. She will offer a deal in exchange for information. A few caveats are worth making here.

Firstly, there are many interesting places in this settlement, where you will find a book of knowledge, equipment and treasures. It makes no sense for you to keep Ton alive, but it is best to destroy the village in secret. Therefore, if you have the second level of the "charisma" skill, you can offer Tonne half the price for information. In any case, you can finish off the mercenary and get your hard-earned money back, even if you paid the full amount.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

In the settlement you can find:

  • Hunter Helmet;
  • A book of knowledge with the ability for the character " Shunin 's Distraction ."
After completing this quest, you will be offered two tasks to choose from. First, we recommend completing the story with Ivar in Ledechester. In addition to the fascinating history, in the central market of Ledechester you will undoubtedly find one of the members of the Order named Junta son of the Junta.

Rumors of Ledechester

At the moment of the passage, Ledechester is a hostile city. You need to get to the far right tower from the entrance to talk to Ivar. After the dialogue, the game offers you a choice: visit the old bathhouse or the church.

There is nothing to do in the church, so go straight to the old bathhouse building. The building itself can be accessed both through the roof and through the main entrance. The easiest way to do this is the first way.

Having penetrated inside, there will be three guards in front of you. You don't have to kill them all. Use "Odin's vision" to understand which guard has the key to the warehouse. Take the key and enter the previously locked room. Watch the cut-scene with Kölbert.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

As much as you would love to steal out of Leicester, the game will not let you. Follow Kölbert to the market square and start killing the soldiers highlighted by the marker (use Odin's vision to highlight the necessary enemies).

  • After a lengthy video ending the quest, don't forget to track down Junta in the market square and give him his due.

Templeboro walls

Now head to the abandoned Templeborough Castle. Talk to Sigurd to find out that the castle is actually not so abandoned. There are many enemy soldiers throughout its territory.

Make your way to the castle grounds, climb onto the roof and find the entrance to the castle (you will see red doors on the upper floors outside the building). Go down to the first floor and watch a video of Ethelswita, wife of King Burgred.

At the end of the cutscene, do not waste time and go to the water. Leave the castle grounds, summon a Drakkar and follow Ethelsvita. The fastest way to catch a woman is to ram the boat with a ship. In this case, she will go to the nearest shore.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

Tip : do not immediately follow Ethelsvita. If you do this, she may change direction and paddle towards Templeborough. In this case, firstly, you will have to swim for a long time after her, and secondly, look at a woman who is trying to climb a high fence directly from the water. If you come across the above bug, load the latest autosave.

After catching up with Ethelswitha and destroying her boat, wait until she swims to the shore on her own. Get rid of several enemy soldiers, then tie up the woman and deliver to the camp of the sons of Ragnar.

Tip : You may also experience some difficulties while completing this task. If you tie the woman up, pick her up and try to get into the water, she will free herself and start swimming again towards Templeborough. The best way to transport it is to sit it on a horse, or put it in a drakkar.

Strengthening positions

Return to Tamworth and speak with Sigurd. Go to the pigsty. To make Ethelsweet talk, tell Ivar to leave. The woman will tell you that Burgred is hiding in an old crypt, in the Offchurch region.

Break into the camp and immediately head to the crypt. In the crypt itself, there are only a few warriors and many interesting things that you can find:

  • A lump of coal ;
  • A Book of Knowledge with the Clarity of the Norn ability ;
  • Weapon " Firda Spear ";
  • Weapon " Grave ax ".
The mechanics of kidnapping the king are the same as when kidnapping his mistress. Only this time we recommend not to waste time, to summon a horse and gallop with a man without stopping to a marker on the map. Along the way, enemy riders will follow you and you to meet. When you reach Tamworth, watch a lengthy cut-scene that completes the task.

Heavy burden

The task will start immediately after completing the previous one. Take a walk with Ivar and chat on various topics. When the hero (heroine) wakes up, follow the long house and watch the scene with the coronation of Köllwulf. When the ceremony is over, take the fast travel to Repton.

Run to the pier and move to Rogue Island. Here you will meet a servant dedicated to Burgred named Leophritus. Fight him. This enemy is not very fast and is afraid of ranged attacks. If you have enough ranged combat skill, then you can hit him with a dozen headshots.

After defeating Leofrite, you have to decide his fate. Choose how to proceed:

  • Kill Leophritus ;
  • Spare Leophritus - in this case, the protagonist will tell the truth to Burgred's servant about the betrayal of his king. In return, Leophritus will tell you where the Zealots get names for their victims. One of these scrolls has the name of the protagonist.


The quest will begin if you find out about the location of the scroll with your name for the Zealots. The scroll is in the bowl next to the statue in the Venonius region. Burn the scroll in the statue's bowl to stop the Zealots from hunting you for a while. However, if you get too close to them, such enemies will automatically attack the protagonist.

A little about the destruction of Zealots . You can kill such enemies even at a low level of power. The most optimal is level 40, as well as the pumped skills of long-range attacks. Stock up on arrows and choose a place to fight. Such a place is suitable for the slopes, standing on the hills of which you can easily get on the vulnerable parts of the body of the Zealots.

The settlement is growing

This quest will be active until you raise the level of your settlement to the maximum. To increase the level of the settlement, raid monasteries, collect supplies and materials. Use these resources to improve the buildings in the village. To go to each new level, you will need to build a certain number of buildings.

To be continued...

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