Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Where to Find All Codex Pages

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Where to Find All Codex Pages

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla has a variety of collectible quests, including a brief history of the Hidden Ones quest, where you have to find six pages of the Codex and unlock the Hidden Ones armor set. To help you find these pages, this guide will help you.

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Codex Pages Locations

Finding all six pages of the Codex and the Hidden Armor Set can be quite challenging, but there is no need to go astray as this guide will cover you.

We have summarized the location of all six pages of the Codex in AC Valhalla in this guide, which you can find below.

Codex Page # 1 (Leicestershire)

Codex Page # 1 (Leicestershire) Map

Head to the Bureau of Ratae in the Leicestershire region and look for hanging weights. Shoot at the cargo, as a result of which the passage leading to the bureau will open.

Jump down and look for a small hole. Walk through the passage and use your Odin scope to highlight the page.

Go through the next hole and loot the chest. It contains part of a set of hidden armor. You will find the page on the back where the chest is.

Codex Page # 2 (Lunden)

Codex Page # 2 (Lunden) Map

The second page is inside the Londinium office in the Lunden district.

When you head to the location marked on the map, you will find a large pool covered with wooden planks. Jump into the pool and jump onto the platform.

While on the platform, look at the Assassin's Creed Posters on the wall. Turning to face the poster, dive into the water and go to the upper left corner.

You will find a fragile wall. Break down the wall and continue along the path.

Now jump onto the wooden platform and then onto the rope. You can see red pots blocking your way into the room. Shoot the pots and park all the way to the hole.

You will find the Codex Page on the table to your left when you enter the room. Also, don't forget to open the chest for the armor set.

Codex Page # 3 (Jorvik)

Codex Page # 3 (Jorvik) Map

You will find a third page in the Eboracum Bureau of the Jorvik Region. Head to the place marked on the map and shoot at the wooden board.

Dive into the water and follow the path. Once inside the area, go right and jump onto the wooden platform. Move the blocking shelves and keep following the path.

When you find yourself inside the chamber, look for two keys. One of the keys will lead you to a room with a chest containing a piece of the Hidden Armor set and another key.

Take the key and take the page in the corner of the room.

Codex Page # 4 (Winchester)

Codex Page # 4 (Winchester) Map

In the ruins just south of St Peter's Church in Winchester, you will find a well leading to the Venta Belgarum office.

Dive into the water and continue along the path that leads to the back of the locked door.

Open the door and take the red pot from where you entered the well. Take the pot to the blocked entrance and throw the pot into it.

The code page will be placed on the table.

Codex Page # 5 (Colchester)

Codex Page # 5 (Colchester) Map

Found inside the Camulondunum office in Colchester in the Essex region, you will need to take the red pot with you to the location marked on the map. Jump up the tree and throw the pot on the rocks.

Jump into the hole and keep going straight. When you get to the locked door, head up the wall to the right of the locked door.

From there, jump to the next hole. Jump down and pick up the key found under the water.

When you have the key, open the door and shoot the locked door from the grate.

Go back and jump to the other side. Open the door and loot the chest for the armor set. Take the key and return.

Dive into the water and look for a path that leads to a locked door. Open this door and take the page found in this room.

Codex Page # 6 (Glovestershire)

Codex Page # 6 (Glovestershire) Map

Travel to the southwest corner of the Glovestershire region where you will find the Temple of Ceres. Enter the tunnel and go through the hole in the wall.

Go through the green gas and take the red saucepan. Drop the pot onto the wooden floor and jump down. Follow the path and use your torch to light the gas.

Take the red pot and toss the torch before going through it with the red pot.

Throw the pot at the weakened wall and enter the room. Loot the chest and take the Codex page from the table.

Once you have collected all six pages of the Codex, take them to Haytham, who will help you find someone to decipher these pages.

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