Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Where to Find All Legendary Animals

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Where to Find All Legendary Animals

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla allows you to experience thrilling Viking adventures in a rich Scandinavian environment. Hunting has been a core survival skill for the Vikings, and in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, hunting legendary animals will bring you some exciting rewards.

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Legendary Animal Locations

You will need to hunt down legendary animals and deliver their skins to get rewards and hunting trophies in the long house.

To find legendary animals that you can hunt in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, take a good look at this guide as we've covered locations, hunting techniques, and associated hunting rewards for each animal.

Locations and tips

Legendary Black Husk

Black Husk is the dog that awaits you in England, East Anglia. You can find it on your map in England.

When you reach this place quickly, you will see the beast feasting on a dead animal. Make sure you keep a safe distance and attack him from behind.

When his health bar is in the last compartment, he will just limp and try to avoid you. Finish him off and get his head, ration, and skin.

Legendary Corpse Feeder

Next is the corpse feeder, a giant wolf hungry for the dead. This legendary animal is found in Peri. Walk up to the animal and use your bow to injure it until its health bar is depleted.

There will be three of them here. Your best strategy is to use arrows! You will receive a dead dog's head, food, and some skin as a reward.

Legendary beast from the hills

Travel to the ruins of Urikonium to find this beast. Follow the path to the area and follow the sign.

You will need to slide under a small hole in the wall to find the bear on the order side. Use your arrows again and stay away from his huge paws.

A few blows with an ax will do the trick. You will receive his head and skin along with the ration.

Legendary Gemad-Wulf

This beast awaits you in Lincolnshire. After a quick travel, get to the place and drop down to the place where there is some water on the ground.

This one runs really fast, so make sure you dodge it as it charges you.

Always hit him from behind when he doesn't expect it, so you can defeat him.

Legendary Bloody Pig

To kill this beast, you will need to go to the beast swamp in Eurekskir. This boar is quite cunning when it lunges at you from the bushes, and you would not expect it.

Stay alert and listen to the rattling sounds of the bush so you know exactly where it is. Stay away from his long teeth and attack from behind.

Alfred's Legendary War Pig

This bull can be found at Tuikki Farm. Once again, just stay out of his path when he swoops in on you.

Use your arrows from a distance and shoot down this beast.

It might not be that easy, as his companions will come to his aid too, but don't worry; if you focus on the beast itself, everything will be easy.

Wilde's legendary wild cats

Wild cats from the Weld can be found in Hamtuskir. There will be two of them here.

When you attack one, the other always attacks you from behind. You can avoid this by using your arrows so that your back remains protected.

Legendary Bloody Peaks Elk

This elk with huge horns, which can easily kill you, rests on the snow-capped peaks of Rygyafylka.

Travel quickly to the area and find the beast by following the marker. You need to absolutely avoid its horns if you want to successfully track it down.

Use an arrow when you can and then finish it off with your main weapon, but always attack from behind. Get your rewards and move on to the next one.

Legendary Blue Water Bear

This deadly bear can be killed in Khordafilk. Fast travel to this place. Among the snow-covered rocky ground, you will find this animal nesting on the island.

Approach with caution, attack him on his back and wait for him to turn and attack you, avoid and repeat. You need to stay close to this person, as it is not so easy to avoid his launch attacks.

Legendary Yang Do Ne

This beast is easy to find in Vinland. Luckily, he doesn't run very fast and is fairly easy to avoid when he runs towards you.

Just like any other beast, use an arrow, hit with your main weapon and always stay out of reach of the horn. Once you kill the beast, get the skin and food.

Once all the legendary animals have been hunted down and defeated, you will receive the main hunter trophy.

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