Big Farm Story: All farm animals & companions

Big Farm Story: All farm animals & companions

In the farm simulation, you not only take care of your farm, but also take care of your farm animals and companions. You can find all of the animals in the game in our Big Farm Story Guide.

In this Big Farm Story farm animals guide you will learn:

  • Which animals await you in the small stable
  • Which animals move into the large stable
  • How you unlock all companions

In the farm simulation Big Farm Story by GoodGame Studios, farm animals and companions are an integral part of your farm. New animals are unlocked through quests, sales booths or your player level . We'll show you all of the Big Farm Story animals and tell you what you need them for.

Farm animals for the small stable

The small stable in the middle of your farm is unlocked within the story. After you've repaired the house and the fence , the first chick will move in. The following animals belong in the small animal stable:

  • Regular chicken
  • Noble chicken
  • Normal goose
  • Noble goose

The story quest initially gives you a normal chicken that is much more moody and slower to grow . A conventional chicken needs longer to level up, prefers better food and reacts to pats sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. With only 150 coins, the purchase is cheap and well suited for the start.

In direct comparison, the noble chicken has more positive properties, grows faster and is not quite as demanding. To get a noble chicken, go to the Shepard Farm. There is a sales stand where you can buy the farm animal for 30 silver coins . Silver coins are much rarer in Big Farm Story and are unlocked, for example, by selling animals.

Since market quests often call for eggs, focus on getting several normal chickens first . A total of four slots are available for this. After about 30 minutes the chickens have laid two eggs. If the animals are satisfied and have risen a few levels, sell them for a better price. So you not only get coins, but also space in the enclosure.

You unlock the geese after you have completed Mathilda's quest. After you have found out who the food thief is and you have helped Jacob repair the fence on the Shepard farm, the geese are available to you in the farm shop on the Shepard farm. Note that you can only buy the new residents once your small animal house has been prepared for geese.

Go back to the stable, go into construction mode and use the arrows to select “ Unlock for geese” . For 203 coins you get a normal goose, for 38 silver coins you get a noble goose. As soon as the animals are fully grown, they produce goose feathers.

Normal chickens and geese give you two units each, noble animals give you three eggs or feathers. Since chickens are relatively easy to care for, they only need one serving of animal feed . You produce the feed in the mill on the farm. In contrast to chickens, geese require animal feed three times and are therefore significantly more expensive to maintain. Since goose feathers are only needed late in the game, initially fill the space exclusively with chickens and save you the costs.

Farm animals for the large stable

The large stable will be unlocked after you have helped Sam to foster the found calf at the Carpenter Farm. With enough coins and shingles, you can whip up the large animal stable. The further you expand the barn, the more farm animals can move in . The following animals feel at home in the large barn:

  • Normal cow
  • Noble cow
  • Sheep
  • Alpacas

In the current version of Big Farm Story, however, there are only cows to choose from. Sheep, alpacas & other animals are planned for the next update.

Like chickens and geese, the large farm animals have different characteristics. Calves are often playful and cheeky - adult cows tend to be fussy. You get the first cow through Sam, because she lacks space in the yard. Since other products are required as the market level increases, have enough milk produced to receive coins, experience and rare items. The same applies here: normal cows produce two servings of milk , noble cows three servings.

In contrast to the small animals, the large farm residents need significantly more animal feed. The production of the feed takes about four hours . Instead of just one, cows, sheep & Co. need four servings. Before you let several animals move in, prepare enough food in advance to avoid a bottleneck.

How do I unlock all companions?

The companions are not only cute to look at, they also help to find rare items on the farms and in the city. An exclamation mark above your head will tell you when your companion has found a treasure. You can unlock the following three animals:

  • Black piglet
  • Unicorn piglet
  • Corgi

At the beginning of the game you already have the black piglet in your inventory. At a low level, the piglet only finds coins and every now and then a treat in the ground. If you have collected enough treats, it is possible to level up the companion in order to unlock additional items. With each new level, the chance of finding more treasures increases. Sometimes new types of treasure are even unlocked as you level up.

A black piglet is initially sufficient to get started. As soon as you concentrate on upgrading the buildings , switch to the Corgi. From level 5 the corgi finds branches in the earth that are necessary for expanding the houses.

Black piglet

  • Level 1: Coins, ordinary treats
  • Level 3: horseradish
  • Level 4: Unusual treat
  • Level 5: pebbles
  • Level 10: Rare treat

Unicorn piglet

  • Level 1: Coins, ordinary treats
  • Level 3: horseradish
  • Level 4: Unusual treat
  • Level 5: pebbles
  • Level 10: Rare treat


  • Level 1: Daisies, ordinary treats
  • Level 4: Unusual treat
  • Level 5: branches
For 120 common treats you can unlock the Corgi.

Mistakes you should avoid when rearing

Although rearing always follows the same pattern, production largely depends on the mood of the farm animals. Before you start the day, pet and feed all of your animals to keep them happy and more productive . In addition to missing baby bottles for rearing, the biggest mistakes include suitable animal feed. You can only get animal feed if you have harvested carrots, dandelions, wild garlic & Co.

If you don't have enough feed in stock, production will stall and your animals will no longer develop . This not only has financial consequences, the story quests can only be completed to a limited extent.

When is the best time to sell my farm animals?

In principle, the farm animals can be sold again immediately after buying them. To make the sale worthwhile, keep the chicken, goose or cow until you have at least achieved the purchase price again. If you want to swap a normal chicken for a noble chicken, it is worth selling when there is no free slot left in the stable.

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