Black Ops Cold War - How to Play Zombies Solo

Black Ops Cold War - How to start Zombies Solo

Call of Duty: The Black Ops Cold War is finally here, and with it comes a lot of content for you to enjoy. Not only do you have the Campaign, Multiplayer, and even Warzone, the game also features the popular Zombies mode. For the most part, Zombies is meant to be played as a team with others in order to survive, but sometimes people just want to go it alone or just enjoy the experience on their own due to possible internet issues. The good news for these people is that the game allows it to be done, although not that obvious from the start.


How to Play Zombies Solo

Zombies in Call of Duty: The Black Ops Cold War has its own menus that are separate from the main menu itself. First, select Zombies from the main menu to get to the next screen. From here you have even more options to choose from, such as: B. Inviting players, loadouts and more.

You will first see the recommended lobby, which is currently set as The Machine Endless. Directly below that there are two options: The Machine 20 Rounds and Dead Ops Arcade. You might think that this is all you can choose from, but there is another way to get an additional option for solo play.

If you notice the tabs up there, you have two to choose from. The default setting is the Public tab with the three options mentioned above. Instead, you want to press R1 / RB and scroll to the second tab listed as Private.

When you get to that second tab you now have four options to choose from, this time with The Machine Solo. As you would guess, this is exactly what you want here as it makes the experience for 1-1 players rather than 1-4. You can do the same with Dead Ops Arcade Solo, which is also added here for 1 - 1 player.

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