Black Ops Cold War - MInd Trip Trophy Guide

Black Ops Cold War - MInd Trip Trophy Guide

In order to achieve 100% progress in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, you have to unlock all trophies or achievements. In this guide we want to help you with the following task:

Black Ops Cold War - Mind trip Trophy/Achivement

You can unlock this trophy shortly before the end of the campaign, in the Mission Break on Through. You have to play this mission 2 times: Once you have to always go through eagle and in the second run you have to ignore eagles, so don't obey. In this way you will see all Mind trip and paths of the mission.

This mission consists of a series of flashbacks. Each play through of the mission consists of 4 sequences. At the end of each sequence you go through a red door and then come back to the beginning, then you have to go through the level again with a few small changes.

Adler will give you instructions, he will talk to you in the background. He will give you instructions as to which opponents to attack and which paths to take (left / right). In one run you always have to do what he says and on the second run you do exactly the opposite.

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