Borderlands 3 - Ultimate Edition Announcement & New Designer's Cut Trailers

Borderland 3 New Designer's Cut

Before the scheduled November 10 extended-release "Designer's Cut" to the first person shooter with elements of RPG of Borderlands 3, it left quite a bit of time, so the team from the studio Gearbox Software has decided to talk more about what we should expect users on a given day.

To do this, the developers have published two videos about the main features of the upcoming DLC ​​- new branches of talent for the Warehouse seekers, which they have already told about earlier, and the game mode "Arms Race". The latter will invite users to become participants in the galactic show, where applicants need to land without equipment on a snow-covered island, find equipment and fight the boss. As a reward, you will be able to take with you all the loot found.

In addition, the creators announced that the Ultimate Edition of Borderlands 3 is being prepared for release. It will be available simultaneously with the "designer" add-on and will include all the content presented.

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