Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War: The best class to survive more rounds in Zombies mode

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War: The best class to survive more rounds in Zombies mode

Zombie knockout, ok, but with a class that can make a difference! Find our weapon builds, combat upgrades, assets, and mods to destroy the infected from Die Mashine.

In Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War you have the option of taking a predefined class or creating your own custom class at the start of each game. Pre-made classes are a great way to test field upgrades and get an idea of ​​which ones can really come in handy during tough waves. But with the option to create a class in this mode, the Zombies of Die Maschine have absolutely nothing to do against us. 

Class configuration

Primary weapon

  • Gallo SA 12

The Spas-12, of a lifetime, can be found in one of the areas of the same map. We do not even need to take a class with it, since we can collect it, but it never hurts to have it personalized by ourselves. This shotgun is one of the most deadly in the game, and more in zombies. It has great damage and a fairly acceptable bullet spread that allows you to control groups of zombies easily. If we improve it, we can also reload the bullets more quickly and in greater quantities. 

Field improvement

  • Rings of Fire - Unlocks at Level 30

If you're not sure what to choose, this is the best field upgrade right now. It can wreak havoc on an enemy squad by increasing the damage dealt by you and your allies. In the video above, we can see that the buff deals some good damage to zombies and can be a great way to clear an area, or even get out of a dead end with far less trouble. 


  • Jugger-nog

A classic. The one also known as Juggernaut is the drink that we need yes or yes in our game. It increases our health and offers us more advantages when it comes to having to face more melee against the zombies. 

Casualty streaks

  • Napalm attack

Fast and very effective. The napalm attack can kill a large number of zombies with one stroke and also burns areas for a period of time. So it's perfect for putting zombies through fire to die. 

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