Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review. When one mission in Lubyanka is worth the whole game


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review. When one mission in Lubyanka is worth the whole game

Regardless of what Ron Perlman tells us, war is changing. Even if it's cold. But after passing a newCold War gives the impression that Call of Duty alone does not change in this world. Moreover, after finishing the storyline campaign, I suddenly realized that the series rolled back to the distant 2005, during the second part.

Stop, you fool! You're not fighting there!

At the same time, the game is full of references to the very first - and the best, in my opinion - Black Ops, from characters to locations. Moreover, the developers manage to squeeze at least some emotions out of the player solely with the help of long-familiar and beloved heroes, even if they have nothing at all on screen time. The question is, why are we allowed to play for the old operative if he appears in the plot for only one more mission? Just to pressure the nostalgic feelings of the veterans, there is no other explanation. But the new characters are not remembered at all. They, like the whole plot, are insipid, without motives and stories.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review

In the original Black Ops, Mason tried to figure out what numbers were spinning in his head, driving him crazy - after all, the security of the country depended on it. In Cold War, there is also a threat of a nuclear strike (after all, the Cold War), but personal motives are sorely lacking. The feeling is as if the heroes are doing this only for the sake of money, and not at the call of duty: "I get paid for this," Woods sums up in one of the missions. The game falls to the level of the very first parts, when we were handed a rifle and said something like: “There are fascists in that house. Go and kill for the Motherland, for Stalin. " We went and killed, not thinking about the personality of our fighter - an automatic machine with eyes and legs. So here's the same thing.

And questions are raised not only by the inner world, but also by the appearance of the heroes. What happened to Mason's face? Why neither Woods nor Hudson have changed at all, but all of their lived years went to Alex? Okay, I can accept Mason. At least he looks like the original himself. But what happened to Soviet Colonel Kravchenko? Why from a giant, inspiring fear in all his appearance, he turned into a round gnome who cautiously hugs the wall? Of course, there are no answers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review

Well, at least in the game there are several times less cranberries. Yes, we still play as a brave American soldier and kill bad russkies. But there are no “Barkov's people” in the game. There is even a feeling that Activision has nevertheless listened to the opinion of the Russian community and rewrote the characters. I'm not saying that the game is ruled by "gray morality", but our opponents have gained motivation and senseless aggression has disappeared. If they shoot at us, then only on orders. They do not beat civilians and behave like civilized people. It's strange to see this kind of attention in 2020, but for Call of Duty, it's a lot of progress.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review

Which button to shoot?

But with the gameplay there is no such progress. Everything here is consistently bad (well, or good - a matter of taste). Personally, I am annoyed by several features that wander from part to part.

First, the enemies are brainless dummies who are completely incapable of tactical maneuvers. But the vast levels themselves push you to use small tricks like flanking attacks and detours. It is a pity that opponents do not use this at all. If they attack head-on, they won't even try to smoke you out of cover or get around. Minus.

Secondly, the weight of the weapon is not felt at all. It doesn't matter if you have a shotgun or an SMG, a rifle or a pistol - don't expect sensible recoil. Minus.

Third, the capabilities of the hero. When creating our own operative (this is a separate story, take a look at the screenshot), we are allowed to choose two abilities, such as faster reloading or increased accuracy. And this greatly destroys the balance of the single player campaign. During the whole game on medium difficulty, I died only once and then through my own stupidity. Again a minus.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review

But you can't say that everything is bad either. For example, the game has the ability to take opponents hostage. And in general, hand-to-hand combat has changed for the better. We do not just hit the enemy with a knife or a rifle butt, but we perform a certain technique. Let's say we move the barrel of someone else's weapon with our hand, take out a pistol and put a bullet in the face of a stunned soldier. It looks very impressive. Unfortunately, there are not very many animations, and when playing for different operators, they do not change, but this is forgivable.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review

Still, one cannot fail to note the nonlinearity, which is decent by the standards of the series. What to do with the interrogated: throw him off the roof, release him or detain him? This will not affect the final of the game in any way (and by the way, there are several of them, and they are all cool), but the very possibility of choice is already not bad.

There is at least one mission in Cold War that you will surely play to the core. In it, we are assigned the role of a mole in the KGB, and we must let the CIA officers into the secret bunker on the Lubyanka. The entire level is a huge sandbox, in which you need to get a pass to a secret object in any way. You can persuade the arrested person to kill the general who is interrogating him, and on the sly to steal the key from the latter. You can go to the arsenal and take a copy. True, the soldier at the entrance will ask for a Havana cigar in return. We'll have to go in search of it, or just kill the unfortunate. The choice is yours, the main thing is not to raise the alarm. For such elaboration and variability in the spirit of Dishonored, I am ready to forgive the game for many sins.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review

Especially considering the fact that the game looks amazing, especially on the Xbox Series X. Reflections, shadows, hair - everything is detailed with great precision. And what views of the city open at night is just a fairy tale! But this is still the same Call of Duty, where you can plant several grenades from a grenade launcher into the wall of a house, and nothing will happen to her. The same goes for our opponents. The corpses lying next to each other fall into each other, traces of bullets are not displayed on the bodies - and after all, even in Black Ops 2010 there was a similar feature - and, naturally, no dismemberment, if nothing else.

Actually, why do we love Call of Duty? Definitely - for its epic character. In every part of the series there were moments that were breathtaking. A train wreck in WWII, a rocket explosion in Black Ops ... But there is no such moment in Cold War. The only thing that is remembered is the explosion of the plane in the prologue. And then we skip the whole epic, because a wing falls on the main character.

Activision has once again made Call of Duty. Not a bad game or a good game, namely Call of Duty. This series has been traveling on the same rails for many years now, changing only externally. Yes, there are sometimes tiny innovations in it, like variability, but these are all touches. Therefore, if you liked the previous parts of the shooter, feel free to buy Cold War. Cinematic shootouts, patriotic Americans and hurricane multiplayer have not gone anywhere. And you will definitely go through the branchy mission on the Lubyanka several times.

If you prefer games with thoughtful gameplay, attention to detail, well-developed physics, good destructibility and a strong story, then pass by. In this case, Cold War will captivate you for a couple of evenings maximum ... And she doesn't need more.


  • Exciting and varied single player campaign
  • Non-linearity
  • Nice graphics
  • Fun multiplayer
  • Camper Tears


  • Flat minor characters
  • Network Code Issues
  • Animation flaws
  • Not the most adequate weapon behavior in combat

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