Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Tips

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Tips

In these Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Tips, we'll show you a collection of general hints and map tips, so you can dominate with your presence on the battlefield.


Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is out and with some revamped mechanics and all-new maps, it is vital that you familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of the game to ensure victory.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Tips

In an online shooter, you have to take multiple things into account and even the tiniest detail can be the turning point for you or your opponent.


If you're interested in zombie mode, we have helpful tips for BO cold war zombies too.

Taking care of your perks, equipment and all the perks that the game offers you is extremely important to make sure your operator is capable of dealing with even the most difficult situations.

Maintaining a good overall score for yourself means a win for your team.

General tips

Cargo Management

Take your time and go on a reading journey with the different options the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War loading system offers you.

Choosing the correct weapons that suit your perks and the like will prove beneficial in the long run and thus increase your survival on the battlefield.

Get that upgrade on the field, get those perks, get that joker and find the weapon that is your bread and butter.

Having equipment that you know from the inside is extremely important. Knowing your operator well will allow you to overcome even the most difficult obstacles with great efficiency.

Why you shouldn't skip wildcards in the cold war

Wildcards initially give you quite a bit of an edge, depending on what you choose. The beta gave us four to choose from, and my favorite was the Gunfighter Wildcard.

Now, the Gunfighter card has allowed me to add three additional slots for my primary weapon.

I've usually used it to make my guns more stable. Having a little less recoil can make all the difference in the world.

Alternatively, you could try the Law Breaker perk which allows you to equip any weapon in one of your Primary and Secondary slots.

And that's not all, you can equip multiple perks from a specific perk category. Paradise!

Reload, but don't lose focus!

A fresh new mechanic introduced in Black Ops Cold War is the ability to reload while aiming down.

Things can get complicated if you get out of the aiming posture; it can waste a valuable amount of time repositioning yourself again.

Use the reload function while aiming to save time and always be ready for the enemy around the corner.

Take cover!

Most Call of Duty maps give you tons of coverage as you move from point A to point B. It would be silly to take the open linear path.

Crossing yourself from cover to cover is a vital part of the plan not to get yourself killed.

The longer you stay outdoors without thinking, the more prone you are to get killed.


CoD Cold War is fast-paced and to keep up with everyone's speed, you need to make sure you use anything that increases your mobility.

Sliding is perfect for completely eliminating your opponent's aim and getting the better of him while he is attacking.

As soon as you get enough momentum, slide!

Team play is key

I know team play is not what comes to your mind every time you hear “Call of Duty”, but please, just listen to me for a second here.

Coordinating attacks with your teammates to your opponents will always prove fruitful in Blops Cold War.

Attacking sites and areas consistently with your friends will help you win even the most difficult situations in combat.

Playing alone can only have a positive impact on your team.

Tweak Some Settings

You may want to tackle some graphics tweaks as you jump into the new Call of Duty.

  • Try immediately increasing the field of view to around 100. This allows you to get a better idea of ​​your surroundings while compromising the frame-rate a bit.
  • Turn off motion blur or you won't be able to react quickly to enemies around you. While it may be pleasing to someone visually, it's not the best option in an online multiplayer shooter.
  • Change the audio setting to High Boost, so you can hear footsteps clearly.

Map tips


Getting around the Miami map is a bit tricky. As you move to change positions, you will realize that various alleys and paths are completely open from many ends. This leaves your side completely vulnerable.

Try to use map coverage as much as possible. As this is a relatively open area, you will find yourself being cut off from distance more often than you want.

While slowing down isn't exactly a preference for many CoD players, you might want to try stopping the speed a bit and trying out some long-range weapons.

Miami gives you plenty of room to breathe, and if you don't move every second, someone else will. Take out all the latecomers while you wait patiently and get that K / D up!


Moscow is a three lane map. Shooting usually reveals which part of the map is a little busier.

You can pull some amazing flanks from alternate paths to get the best of more enemies on the battlefield.

This map has a lot of coverage and with enemies that can use buildings, you will find that your aerial scorestreaks will have little or no effect.

Try to use field microphones as much as possible to defend your hips towards important targets on the map.

Explosives explode! With Moscow's back streets and tight spaces, grenades can be downright whimsical.

So, get those kids ready and throw them out to get some free kills!


The map is divided into two areas: the caves and the open area.

Bring out your SMGs and close range weapons and level them up! Take advantage of angles and catch your enemies off guard at medium to close range.

C4 and other explosives can definitely get you killed a couple of times every now and then. You'll find enemies stacked helplessly in the corners as you pull out your grenade pin.

Field Mic is another good idea that you can roll in Satellite, just like Moscow. It is certainly one of the most useful utilities among other things in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Crossroads road junction

is a relatively large map and, unfortunately, also a refuge for snipers.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the tall buildings at the far ends of the map, as you'll find some annoying campers constantly taking advantage of the capture point.

There is a very large open part of the map right in the center, you may want to avoid it at all costs unless you have a choice. The path leaves you extremely vulnerable with barely any cover.

Tanks spawn on both sides of the map. You can walk into one and wreak havoc, but be careful not to wander outdoors while one of these is rolling. Easy kills for the enemy.


Gunboats are annoying, but fortunately the turrets on the sides of the ships allow you to easily fix the problem if they bother you a little too much.

If in doubt, jump into the water! Water is good cover and can be a good way to escape death.

You will find ziplines all over the map. Use them carefully to position yourself between the three boats.

The interior of the ship is a bit tight and the use of short-range weapons is certainly ideal.

You will find yourself shot with an assault rifle if your opponent is using a shotgun or submachine gun.


Use the foliage in Cartel to disguise yourself in open areas and catch your enemies off guard.

The sign is yet another three-lane map. Finding out where all the action is happening and planning a quick flank can come in handy.

The center of Cartel is a hot zone and will always be illuminated. You could throw a few grenades in there for a lucky kill or two.

Grab a motorcycle and run over your enemies in style! However, they make you a very easy target.

Keep an eye out for the cheeky campers on the hangar. There will be, most of the time, someone hiding on top of the crates, and sometimes in the darkest corners of the hangar.

These are all our suggestions for Call of Duty Black Ops multiplayer in the Cold War. Now enter and dominate multiplayer!

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