Call of Duty Warzone, challenges week 8, season 6: Guide

Call of Duty Warzone, challenges week 8, season 6: Guide

That's it, we officially enter the last week of this season 6 of Call of Duty: Warzone , the opportunity to look one last time on the various challenges that await us to finish completing our battle pass.


If you've played Warzone before this season, you're familiar with the concept of weekly challenges. Each week, 10 different objectives are offered to you, each giving you experience when you complete them.

Eliminate 6 enemies with a legendary weapon

For this first challenge of the week, you will first need to find a weapon of legendary rarity. These are recognizable by their orange color. Once you have one in your possession, you will need to use it to do a minimum of 6 kills.

Buy 5 equipment drops

The following challenge is in fact not really one. Indeed, the air drop is an extremely powerful asset. Therefore, many players buy it naturally during their games. Here you will be asked to do this 5 times.

Survive 60 minutes

The primary goal of a Battle Royale is survival. It is exactly this aspect which is also highlighted via this challenge which asks you to survive for 1 hour. Obviously, it is not a question of surviving 60 minutes in a row, these are cumulative as the games go.

Carry out 9 kills at close range

The title of the challenge is both quite clear and rather vague. To avoid complicating your task, we recommend that you use a shotgun in tight enough places to do your 9 kills at close range very easily.

Get resuscitated 3 times

In Warzone there are a lot of players compared to other Battle Royale. Therefore, it is not so rare to be knocked down by an opponent . At least this time it'll help move you forward in the battle pass when you get picked up.

Use 18 armor plates

You will soon realize that in Warzone, not having armor plates on hand often means dying very quickly. Therefore, you should not struggle too much to achieve this mission by not significantly changing your playstyle.

Make 6 kills from a vehicle

Vehicles have been criticized since the launch of Warzone as being too powerful. Unfortunately for its detractors, this challenge explicitly asks you to use them. The goal here will be to do 6 kills and / or assists while being inside.

Buy 6 rounds of eliminations

The elimination series can be useful in some cases. However, this is not necessarily where you mainly want to put your money. However, if you want to complete this challenge, you will need to buy at least 6 from the refueling stations.

Open 30 chests

In Warzone, you're not really ready to fight until you've been able to recover your drop. However, at the start of the game, you have to do well without. The most effective way to equip yourself and earn some money in the process is surely to open chests . This is what we are asking you here.

Win a fight 3 times in the Gulag

Sometimes, as strong as you are, you get caught off guard and eliminated. Fortunately, in Warzone that doesn't necessarily mean the end of the game. Indeed, you will be transported to the Gulag where you will fight to return to the game . Here, you have to win 3 of these duels.

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