Capcom Confirmed It Was Attacked by Hackers

A week ago, information about the successful attack of the hacker group Ragnar Locker on Capcom servers spread on the network . The attackers extorted $ 11,000,000 for the ransom of the confidential information received, but then the company did not comment on this news in any way. Apparently Capcom did not make concessions and did not pay hackers, today in the official blog it confirmed a major leak of its data due to the hacker attack.

Capcom Confirmed It Was Attacked by Hackers

Financial reports of internal studios, quarterly sales reports and even passport details of former and current employees got into the network. In addition, Capcom does not hide the fact that personal information of customers could also be affected. Due to the large amount of data, they presented are still assessing the damage caused, but they can already claim that the payment information is safe, since the transactions go through a third-party firm.

Representatives of the company actively cooperate with law enforcement agencies and have already begun to contact employees and clients, whose information was in the public domain. It is safe to use the services and connect to Capcom games again, according to the official announcement.

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