Chicken Police - Solution for the crime game

Chicken Police - Solution for the crime game

All steps up to the final cutscene of Chicken Police: investigation, clues, evidence, murderer and shootings solved.

In the Chicken Police solution you will learn:

  • How to properly conduct a conversation
  • Who the killer is
  • How you finish the game

In the detective game Chicken Police , the title says it all. You are in the feathered skin of a rooster investigating a murder case. On the PC , Nintendo Switch , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One you can solve a case in a dark noir world, collect clues, question witnesses and find the real killer in up to ten hours of gaming. In addition, you collect numerous successes and achievements.

What should I look out for when talking to characters in Chicken Police?

In Chicken Police, the characters are your source of information . You cannot make progress without the results you need, such as phone numbers and places of interest. Do not end the conversation until you have the information you need at the earliest.

We also recommend that you try out all of the conversation options . Often times, you get success after discussing all of the topics with a character. The same goes for items in the game world that you are examining.

How do I unlock all trophies in Chicken Police?

Since you can hardly achieve anything in Chicken Police, except to solve the case, there is only the successes for you. One of these successes requires you to complete all surveys 100 percent . If you give the wrong answers or ask the wrong questions, this progression is impossible for the corresponding save level.

As soon as you notice that you have asked the wrong question or an answer didn't fit, you close the game and start it again. So you start again before the conversation.

This trick only works if you do it right after answering the question. Do not look at other items, change areas or speak to other characters.

How can I play the individual chapters again?

Unfortunately, Chicken Police has one major weakness: In the middle of it or after you have played through the game, there is no way to manually load a single chapter .

Make sure to make separate saves if you want to have the option to replay individual events.

You can either create several saved games in the Steam cloud or drag the local saved game onto a USB storage device.

Where can I find an overview of my progress in the game?

Under the item Statistics you can check your progress at any time in the game. This consists of books, codex entries, personal information about characters and gallery entries.

In total, you can collect :

  • 10 books
  • 27 Code entries

  • 97 Personal Information
  • 58 gallery entries
If you find all collectibles in a category, you will receive an achievement.

The beginning: the conversation with Deborah

Speak to Deborah at your detective agency's office. From her you will learn everything about her person. It also gives you additional information about the Atlas Hotel . In your desk you'll find cigarettes, your badge, and a gun.

The victim of the murder later becomes Deborah . Before the murder, she received threatening letters announcing the crime.

In the questionnaire, ask Deborah about her place of residence, her reasons for visiting you and why she is doing this and not the employee.

The employee Natasha Kotenko has dealings with the crook Ibn Wessler. If you examine the postcard Deborah gives you, you will find a message from Natasha with her whereabouts.

The phone call: Unlocks the Chicken Police map

Call 555932 and speak to Lewis. This unlocks your map and you can see all the important places.

You can travel to the police station from the map. Once here, speak to everyone you meet. Make sure to click through all the conversation options until the end.

You can find a magazine on the chairs in the lobby. Collect it. Go to the shooting range and talk to Marty .

The shooting range: This is how you get the most points

In order to be able to shoot on the shooting range , you must first switch on the light. You hit all targets by quickly clicking on them. To pass the success you have to reach over 5,000 points.

Be careful: civilians are also hiding among the targets . One is an elephant with a green jacket, another is a rooster carrying a chick, and the last civilian is a chicken with a purple blouse.

If you do meet a civilian, points will be deducted and you can no longer receive an achievement. Close the game and start over.

Then talk to the police chief , say goodbye and go to the Czar Club.

The Czar Club: So you come in and talk to Wessker

Talk to the club bouncer and ask anything that is available to you. As soon as you find out his name and chewed through all the topics, you can contact Lewis, who will let you into the club.

Inside you examine the bird on the left. Collect the whiskey at the bar and speak to everyone there.

Asked Wessker as soon as it appears. Asks him what he's doing, why his girlfriend is getting threats and whether she's had similar problems before. Then you ask about the relationship and why Wessker and Natasha are not together in this situation.

Natasha, Olivia and Filmar: information and keys

Go to Natasha's room . Another collector's item lies on the chair. Ask them too about what happened. Start by asking about the painting on the wall, followed by questions about Ibn's business and his behavior towards her lately.

Find out why Filmar is there and who the suspect is. Then you go back to the club and talk to Olivia, the thug and Filmar.

How do you crack a safe in Chicken Police?

When you arrive at the weekend house, you try to get into the house without success. Then you get the gun from the trunk and come inside. You can find Deborah's body and her purse. Examine both. Then you report the murder by phone at 555-111. Examine the figure above the fire and press the secret button.

The correct pictures to open the safe are:

  • Above left : stork
  • Bottom left : lion
  • Above right : sheep
  • Bottom right : fox
Take the part of the picture out of the safe and make your way to the Hotel Atlas.

The Investigation: Plan your investigation at the Hotel Atlas

Back at the hotel, you draw up your examination plan. Links Natasha to the threat . Make it clear that she was definitely the target.

The roster of Filmar is the next indication. Adds it in and questions why it stayed a secret.

Finally, you note that Lewis might still have information. Call him at 555-932 . You will learn about the brothel from him.

The second chapter: the brothel

In the brothel you talk to all the characters and help the fox to get into the dress. Asks the secretary any questions.

Then you will be taken to Madame Zaiwas behind the left door, who will ask you all available questions. In the subsequent interrogation, you ask her about her spying activity, the brothel, why she tried to protect the victim and about the relationship between Natasha and Ibn. Finally, Madame Zaiwas asks her when she last saw the victim.

After the interrogation, take a closer look at the books after she has left the room.

The secret door: the way to the pier

Sets the stopped clock to 7:49 a.m. Go through the secret door . Here you examine the table and the book. You find that pages are missing. You can find the corresponding page in your inventory.

If you speak to Madame Zaiwas and the secretary again now, you will lose consciousness.

If you run the mouse along the rope, you can find the end and the beginning by paying attention to the markings . Free yourselves.

Speak to the ship's man at the pier and complete the entire dialogue . On the left you will find another collector's item.

Bubo's house: Zipp the rat

Talk to Bubo in his house. Then combine your hints . Madame Zaiwas connects her with the photo on the left. You link the photo on the right with Ibn. Note that a cooperation between the two is possible.

Also find out that Ibn is covering Natasha's secret or that she is doing everything herself.

Since Zipp knows too much , you can select the appropriate hint. Talk to Bubo again. You will find a collector's item on the lounger.

Hop Dog and Police Station: The Shootout

Drive to Hop Dog and speak to Tim about all kinds of topics. Do the interview and talk about why he was looking for you and whether the police have confiscated anything. Also asks about his article and Madame Zaiwas. Finally, you ask the crucial question about Zipp.

In the restaurant you destroy the music box in the place of the dog and take the chain with the number.

Make your way back to the police station. Shoot at the criminals. With the right mouse button you can reload and take cover. Only shoot the car and not the enemy.

Asking Zipp: The right questions

Talk to Monica until she distracts Bosco and you can ask Zipp questions and then the interrogation can begin.

Ask him why Ibn is angry with him, what and why he should do something for Ibn and what will happen if he is released. Asks him if he saved the chain and what exactly he wanted from him.

In Bubo's house you talk to him and Ursula. You learn from Albert, Ibn's brother. Then go back to the hotel and call the psychiatry on 555-966.

Marty tells you that there is a new branch after you can't reach anyone. Gather the clues. Ibn did not want to reveal Natasha's secret. Connect the chain with Ibn and Zipp with the corpse and the theft of the chain. Now you can add the reference to Ibn's twin . End the conversation with Marty and call the psychiatry again. Call Lewis now at 555-932.

The third chapter: Psychiatry

When you get to psychiatry, ask Miranda anything you can and go right to the stairs.

Here you will meet Dr. Quetzal , whom you also questioned and then interrogated. Asks him about Albert's special treatment, what he thought of him and whether he could just walk. Establishes a possible connection between the brothers, asks the doctor about the wounds and asks him to concentrate.

If you are with Dr. Speak Quetzal, he will take you to Albert's room, where you will find a collector's item. There is a photo of Wessler on the desk. Pocket it. You find a letter that shows that Albert is crazy about Natasha .

Back at the hotel: the fratricide

Shoot your pursuers on the way back to the hotel . Investigate the circumstances and find that Natasha wanted to show you the picture you have a fragment of. The picture shows both brothers and Natasha. Links the new knowledge about Albert with Natasha.

The case has been solved : Albert killed his brother out of jealousy and was able to take his place because he is his twin. Talk to Marty and Lewis and end the dialogue.

The end: ask Wessler

When you arrive at the property, talk to Olivia and Natasha . Follow Albert up the stairs as soon as he appears and grab the collector's item. He is lying on the bed.

Now Albert asks her all the questions and starts the interrogation . Ask him when he decided to take his brother's place, if he thinks he will impersonate both of them at once, and what his plan was.

Asks about the reasons for his admission and the murder, and explains that Natasha was good to him. Follow the video, speak to everyone present and start the credits . Congratulations. You solved the case.

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