CoD: Black Ops Cold War - Nuketown Guide

CoD: Black Ops Cold War - Nuketown Guide

In our Nuketown guide to CoD: Black Ops Cold War you will learn:

  • Which series of points are worthwhile on the small map
  • Which weapons you should use
  • Why Nuketown '84 is perfect for leveling the knife
  • General tips & tricks for the popular Black Ops map

On November 24, 2020, the popular map Nuketown finally went live in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The map layout is the same as it was back in the Black Ops 1 era, only the look has changed a bit - while the original map still looked like new, the nuclear test site in Black Ops Cold War is pretty wrecked.

In this guide to Nuketown '84 , we'll tell you how to get the most out of the map.

The best weapons for Nuketown

Since Nuketown is one of the smallest Call of Duty maps , weapons such as shotguns and MPs are particularly suitable for close combat. These two branches of weapon cannot be leveled as quickly on any other map as on Nuketown.

It is also best to equip your weapons with the steady hand laser , which allows you to shoot more precisely from the hip. You can find it in the body essay category.

We also recommend that you pack either an enlarged or a quick magazine . On Nuketown you usually meet many opponents in quick succession, so quick reloading or a large magazine with which you can kill several enemies is essential for survival.

Tip for the shotguns : Since the damage range of the shotguns in Black Ops Cold War is really very small, it is essential to add an extended barrel to the Hauer 77 or Gallo SA12 - the only two shotguns in the game.

Trick for snipers: With the right tactics, you can make some kills with sniper rifles on Nuketown. Lie down on the outer lines of the map in one of the two gardens and target your opponents from there - this is incredibly annoying for your enemies and should give you a few kills.

The most important extras for Nuketown

Extra 1

From the Extra 1 category , only two options really make sense, since Nuketown is a festival for grenades:

  • Splinter vest that protects you from enemy explosives and fire.
  • Tactical mask that increases resistance to stun grenades, stun grenades and gas.

Extra 2

Here we also have two recommendations, one for beginners and one for advanced players:

  • Logisticians are ideal for beginners, because you can get your field equipment faster and even store up to two at the same time.
  • Looters are a must for professionals. If you survive long, you run out of ammunition quickly. Looters prevent this by allowing you to pick up ammunition from fallen players.

Extra 3

The third extra slot was based on your style of play:

  • Gung-Ho is perfect for all players who act aggressively and hardly stand still. In connection with the steady hand laser , your opponent can also be done from the sprint.
  • Cold-blooded is especially useful when the opponents use the gun as a series of points - this is very common on Nuketown. With the extra, the gun does not target you.

Nuketown '84 - The perfect knife map

No other map in CoD: Black Ops Cold War is as good for leveling the knife as Nuketown.

Stay away from the two outer lines during matches and switch from house to house exclusively via the middle. As soon as you are in either house, you are pretty sure of a few kills. Always keep moving around the house and grab the enemies that come running through the entrances.

This can be perfectly combined with the series of points attack helicopter , which usually drives opponents into the houses in order to seek cover. They'll run into you, so to speak.

Also pack either smoke grenades or the stimulant if you use the knife. With the smoke grenades you can go from one house to the other without being seen, the stimulation allows you to heal quickly if you have been shot.

Tips for moving with the knife: Run and slide whenever possible. It is precisely because of the slide that enemies hit you much more difficult - so you often even manage to kill if you run straight ahead towards opponents.

Which series of points should I use on Nuketown '84?

The spy plane is also very useful on Nuketown, so you can see directly when an enemy comes running into the house you are in.

As a further series of points, we recommend air support, for example in the form of a napalm attack , artillery or the attack helicopter. If you use the one on Nuketown in the middle of the map, you are always guaranteed a few kills.

We strongly advise against the supplies on Nuketown. It takes far too long for these to arrive. In the meantime, the map's spawns can change or you will be killed and an enemy grabbed your supplies.

General tips & tricks about Nuketown

  • Use grenades - on no other map are kills by Semtex and Co. so easy.
  • Beware of the mines , if you see a mine in front of you or even hear the clicking sound of an activating mine, just duck down to avoid any damage.
  • The rocket launcher can be used regularly on Nuketown, as there are almost always hostile series of points in the air that want to be shot down.
  • Try to shoot all the heads of the mannequins on the map in one match - a funny Easter egg awaits you.
  • Have you always wanted to use the remote control charge, which is usually hardly useful on other maps? Nuketown is perfect for this due to its small size.

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