CoD Cold War: A bug removes the biggest problem with the cartel map

A glitch makes the bushes on the multiplayer map Cartel of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War disappear. There is great enthusiasm in the community.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is struggling with a lot of annoying bugs. But a glitch is causing a lot of excitement among the players: He pulls out the virtual hedge trimmer and cleans up the Cartel multiplayer map. The thick undergrowth in front of the hangar disappears and an astonishingly cool map emerges.

In the following we explain why the radical deforestation is so popular and what it means for upcoming maps in Cold War.

This is what the map with the bug looks like

Usually part of the cartel map is overgrown with scrub and tall grass, as seen in this clip, for example:

The problem with Cartel from r/blackopscoldwar

It will be different with the glitch. On Reddit, the user CapAustria shared two screenshots that show what Cartel looks like without scrub:

cartel map Glitch

cartel map Glitch facing away from hall


Although one might suspect that the bow provides far too little cover, it turns out that there are enough hiding spots even without the tall plants. Snipers still don't have a clear field of fire, so Cartel doesn't become a camper's paradise. On the contrary, thanks to the bug, no one can lie in wait in the bushes, where they are practically invisible.

What's behind the mistake? Presumably the textures were simply not loaded correctly, according to the comments, the bug has also occurred with some other players. However, the glitch only lasts for one match, after which the bushes reappear. And many find that a shame.

Why is the bug so popular?

The Cartel-Map has been causing discussions since the beta , because the thick undergrowth in front of the hall often causes frustration. It offers no protection but is very effective at camouflaging players. What basically sounds like an interesting feature, many find unfair : The overview is completely lost in the overgrown area, the only antidote are grenades or scorestreaks such as napalm bombs.

Most players like the basic idea behind the undergrowth, but many would like the area to be reduced in size or less densely planted. That wouldn't destroy the tactical element, but it could provide better balancing.

What does that mean for future maps? Cold War is not very suitable for camping because of its winding maps, which many praise. But the developers sometimes seem to overshoot the mark: The poor visibility of opponents is one of the biggest criticisms of Cold War players , as is the layout of some maps. Treyarch should use this feedback as a guide for new maps and provide a better overview - of course in a meaningful framework, so that the maps do not become a playground for campers.

Some players even wish Cold War to copy something from Far Cry: They would like the opportunity to torch the undergrowth with Molotovs.

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