CoD Cold War: Developers list 22 issues they are currently working on

CoD Cold War: Developers list 22 issues they are currently working on

Black Ops: Cold War is currently struggling with some serious errors and bugs. An overview now shows which ones should be fixed soon.

CoD Cold War is not really going well right now . Especially since the last update 1.06, complaints about serious bugs have been increasing on various fronts.

The developers are now releasing the known issues they are currently working on. We'll give you a compact summary first, then you'll find the complete list below.

The biggest problems at a glance

  • Crashes: The crashes affect both multiplayer and campaign. Some players report that they are kicked out of certain missions every time and therefore cannot complete the single player part at all. There are also problems with lobbies from which players keep being thrown.
  • Combat reports: There are several problems with the reports that are displayed after a match. For example, your prestige level is displayed incorrectly. In addition, the team names in the scoreboard of the "Dirty Bombs" mode are incorrect.
  • Split screen: You should be able to play zombies in split screen co-op. However, this function is currently not available.
  • Issues that don't appear in the list: Since the Cold War beta, there have been a lot of complaints about hits not registering correctly. This could be due to problems with the netcode or high ping rates. However, this point does not appear in the current "Known Issues". The much-criticized weapon balancing is also not addressed. But there should be changes to it by Season 1 at the latest. 

That's 22 bugs that the developers are working on

General known bugs and problems

  • PC crashes: The developers ask for your help by reporting problems to the support team .
  • Prestige level in reports after a match: As soon as you reach prestige rank 1, your season level is displayed correctly in the upper right corner of the screen, but it is incorrect in the after-action report.
  • Animations when leveling up: Graphic errors may occur when leveling up.
  • Quick Join: You can use this function to currently join a player, even if he is currently offline.
  • Group broken up: When you run a party, you sometimes get the message "You have left the group" as soon as you get back to the main menu.
  • Private messages: When you "whisper", the recipient's name does not appear when you write to him from the scoreboard.
  • Calling Cards: Sometimes your card will be reset to the default or an older selection. This happens between rounds or when the game starts.
  • Camos and challenges: Sometimes challenges are shown as locked when they are not. You have to restart your game to see the correct progress.
  • PlayStation 4: The Dual Shock 4 controller sometimes disconnects while you are playing. This should be resolved if you update your PS4 with the 8.01 update.

Multiplayer: Known Bugs and Problems

  • Partially installed: On the PC, you are incorrectly shown that you have partially installed the multiplayer, even if you have not downloaded the package at all.
  • Splitscreen: Visual errors occur.
  • Dirty Bomb Team Names: The names are displayed incorrectly in the after-action report.
  • Dirty Bomb HUD: The message that a dirty bomb is being detonated sometimes stays visible longer than intended.
  • Chopper Gunner: The chopper gunner path on the Crossroads Strike map transports you further out of the play area than intended.
  • MP5: The nerf of the all-powerful MP5 , which many gamers had longed for, was accidentally withdrawn. It should return in an upcoming update.
  • Aiming aids on consoles: Some crosshairs are displayed upside down in the console versions. However, the problem should already be resolved.

Zombies: Known Bugs and Problems

  • Combat Report: Elite Eliminations . There is no further explanation on this point.
  • Combat Report: Packed Kills. The problem that existed with it should already be resolved.
  • Split screen does not work: The split screen is currently not available.
  • Ring of Fire: The field upgrade was accidentally changed in the last update, it should now work correctly again.
  • Aether Shroud Rank 3: This field upgrade also had problems - it sometimes threw players under the floor of the map. According to the developer, this has been fixed.
  • Onslaught: This zombie mode is exclusively available to PlayStation players. Sometimes the game crashes when players pick up perks in it.

Unfortunately there is also a cheater problem in Cold War. The first fraudsters were already noticed during the beta, since the release more hacks have been causing trouble . What are your experiences?

Do you run into problems in Cold War or is the game running smoothly? Let us know in the comments!

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