CoD Cold War: First hint about new atomic bomb mode surfaced

CoD Cold War: First hint about new atomic bomb mode surfaced

The new Dropkick mode apparently revolves around a nuclear threat. First details emerged in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.

Details about a new multiplayer mode in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War are currently making fans hope that a new way of playing will soon provide variety. As the in the past always well-informed leakers from ModernWarzone report, descriptions of the new Dropkick mode appear in the loading screen, which apparently has something to do with atomic bombs .

It is unclear whether it is an accidental leak or whether Treyarch is deliberately spreading the information to increase anticipation. Ultimately, however, it doesn't matter - what the text says is much more important.

Start codes and atomic bombs

In the descriptions you get an insight into the goals of the new atomic bomb mode in CoD Cold War . These two texts were viewed:

"Gain access to launch codes while holding the target to drop a powerful atomic bomb and declare victory."

"If you die while your team is holding the target, you will not spawn again until the porter is eliminated."


What could that mean?

From the descriptions of the dropkick mode in CoD: Cold War it is not one hundred percent clear what exactly "carrier" means. The texts suggest a larger mode , similar to Fireteam: Dirty Bomb.

In Dirty Bomb, players blow up "dirty bombs", conventional explosive devices that spread radioactive material. Dropkick may be planned as a new variant of Fireteam , so it plays on a larger map and houses several teams of four players each. With the difference that the goal of the game would revolve around acquiring nuclear weapons.

The dropkick mode has not yet been properly officially and unequivocally announced. Therefore, it is also open when exactly the new style of play will ultimately appear in Call of Duty: Cold War. The start of the first season on December 10th would be a possible time, but later in the season is also conceivable. 

CoD: Cold War, like its predecessor CoD: Modern Warfare, relies on a season model that is supposed to guarantee a constant flow of new content such as modes, maps and weapons. As part of this, CoD: Cold War, Modern Warfare and the Battle Royale Warzone will share an overarching progression system from December 10th.

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