CoD Cold War: New feature could simplify the sharing of loadouts

CoD Cold War: New feature could simplify the sharing of loadouts

The developers of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War have filed a patent that could make it easier for players to share their loadouts with one another.

The game designer and director of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has applied for a patent that describes a new way of sharing your loadouts for the shooter . If this idea is put into practice, you will have the opportunity in the future to spread your configuration via social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Even professionals could use it to better show which loadouts they are betting on. So far, CoD players have mostly shared their sets as screenshots. The new tool could bring some practical progress.

What exactly is behind the idea?

The patent explicitly relates to a method of sharing the weapon configuration in a multiplayer game via a social network . But not only should you be able to post the individual weapon attachments so comfortably, the loadout is passed on together with the performance statistics.

So you can not only simply show which equipment you go into battle with, your friends can then simply copy it with a simple click and use it themselves . This means that you would have to spend less time in the Gunsmith when you find an interesting combination that you want to recreate.

This method also allows you to save your loadouts externally , which should make it easier to switch between different configurations. According to the developer, this problem usually causes frustration for the players.

The developer has presented the new features Cold War has already brought with it in a trailer:

Will more of the patent come about?

Companies often have new ideas patented , even if they ultimately fail to implement them. So far, the developer has not officially announced the option presented here to share your loadout. However, it would be a logical further development of the Gunsmith system from Call of Duty, which was already introduced with Black Ops 3.

What is the developer currently doing?

Right now the studio is busy fixing some serious issues with the game. After the big update 1.06 , which also contained the new map Nuketown , many players complain about crashes or annoying bugs. The developers are already working on it: They recently listed a total of 22 bugs that they are currently working on. Above all, the causes of crashes should be eliminated as quickly as possible.

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