Connect PS5 controller to PS4 and PS3 | PlayStation 5

Connect PS5 controller to PS4 and PS3 | PlayStation 5

You can easily use PS4 controllers on your PlayStation 5 to play your PS4 games on it. But how does it look the other way round? Can the dual sense controller be used on a PS4 or even PS3? Yes! This is sometimes not as comfortable as hoped, but it is possible. In this article we explain what you have to do.

Connect PS5 controller to PS4 via remote play

If you connect your PS5 controller to your PS4 using the USB-C cable, the controller will be charged, but a connection will not be established. Unfortunately, you cannot connect a PS5 controller to the PlayStation 4 as usual. You can only use the dual sense controller if you take the detour via remote play . With Remote Play you can play your PlayStation games on PC or mobile devices. You have to do the following:

  • Visit the official Remote Play website and select the platform for which you want to download the program in the section “Controlling your PS4 console”.

  • After you z. If, for example, you have decided on “Windows PC”, you have to agree to the software usage conditions on the next page in order to start the download.

  • Installs Remote Play and follows the steps that appear. Then you have to click on "Register with PSN" in order to establish a connection to your account.

  • Switch on your PlayStation 4 and log in with the profile that you just added to Remote Play .

  • In the Remote Play window “Which device do you want to connect to?” You have to choose PS4.

  • The connection is then automatically established via the Internet. You can also do it manually by selecting [Settings]> [Remote Play Connection Settings]> [Register Device] on your PS4 and entering the displayed code in Remote Play.

  • After the connection is successful and the PS4 image is on z. B. the monitor of your computer is transmitted, you only have to connect the PS5 controller with a USB-C cable to your computer . The controller is recognized immediately and you can control your PS4 directly with the dual sense controller.

Connect PlayStation 5 controller to PS4 via bluetooth

Since the PS5 controller is obviously able to operate the PS4, it is all the more annoying that you cannot connect the controller directly. It is even possible to connect the PS5 controller to the PlayStation 4 thanks to Bluetooth - but the console cannot be controlled. Since there could be an update in the future, we still want to explain how to make the connection.

  • Press the Create button (top right next to the directional pad) and the PlayStation button at the same time for a few seconds until the light around the touchpad starts to flash .

  • Then go to [Settings]> [Devices]> [Bluetooth Devices] on your PS4 .

  • Here the PS5 controller appears as a "wireless controller". Click on it and establish the connection to the controller.

You can tell that the connection is active when the PS5 controller lights up . Unfortunately, as mentioned at the beginning, it is not possible to use the controller beyond this. An update that corrects this fact is quite conceivable in the future.

Connect PS5 controller to PS3

The fact that the Dual Sense controller does not work on the PlayStation 4 is strange inasmuch as you can use the controller on the PS3 without any problems. Connect the controller to the console with the USB-C cable, press the PlayStation button and that's it ! You don't have to pay attention to anything else here. The connection works the same as with a PS3 controller.

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