Demon's Souls Remake - All NPC Locations

Demon's Souls Remake - All NPC Locations

As you travel the dark world of Demon's Souls, you may need a friend from time to time. In this guide, we'll show you where to find each of these people.

Demon's Souls Remake "Locations of all NPCs"

NPCs are friendly characters who have items to sell or valuable interactions to watch out for.

Vendors / Blacksmiths

Blacksmith Baldwin

Location: Nexus

At first, you'll rely on Baldwin to repair and upgrade weapons until you reach the next Blacksmith. He will also sell you certain items that you may find useful. However, other sellers have much more valuable items than him.

Baldwin drops the "Hands of God" after death.

Patches, Hyena

Location: Nexus, Stonefang Tunnel and Shrine of the Storm

Like all the Patches that once were, this one too is a scoundrel trying to trap you and use your own greed against you. However, if you choose to forgive him, he will return as a useful merchant in the Nexus.

After death, the "Ring of Thieves" will drop out of the Patch.

Dregling Merchant

Location: Palace

Bolitarians. Trader Dregling is a tired survivor in the Demon Soul world with useful goods to help the player on their journey.

Filthy Man

Location: Stonefang Tunnel

The Dirty Man provides you with items with special healing properties, as well as other base materials that you may need to upgrade your gear.

Filthy Woman

Location: Valley of Desecration

Along with the Dirty Woman, you will find an arsenal of valuable weapons, consumables, equipment and materials that can be useful to improve your weapons. She is the only Demon's Souls merchant who sells Rotten Arrows.

Blacksmith Ed

Location: Stonefang Tunnel

Ed is the second blacksmith found in Demon's Souls. It will allow you to upgrade your items to a higher level, which Baldwin is not capable of. He can also craft boss weapons if you give him Red Hot Demon's Soul.

Once a royal mistress

Location: Tower of Latria

The Royal Lady was formerly known as the "Former Queen's Wife" and also as the "Singing Lady". She is locked in a cell on the fourth floor.

Graverobber blige

Location: Shrine of the Storm

He is one of the many traders found in Demon's Souls. Bilge has a variety of consumables, weapons, armor, and enhancement materials for the player. He must be released from his prison cell at the Shrine of the Storm and can be used as a vendor from that point on.

Upon death, he will drop the Robber's Ring.

Sparkling crow

Location: Shrine of the Storm

If you are a veteran of Soulsborne games, you should be aware of the mysterious raven that rewards you with various items if you give her something of value. She can be found in the Shrine of the Storm at the highest point in a tree with a large nest.


Saint Urben

Location: The Nexus and Shrine of the Storm

He is a pilgrim of God and believes in miracles. He knows how to teach the player different miracles. The patches will "help" the players to find Urbane, trapped in the Judge's Archstone.

If you killed Patches, then you can find Urbane below. Once you save him, you can find him in the Nexus.

Upon death, it will drop the Robe of the Saint and the Ring of Pious Prayer.

Disciple of God

Location: Nexus

You can find the Disciple of God when you defeat the Phalanx found in the Palace of the Boletarians. He will also teach you miracles in exchange for souls if your faith is greater than 10. You will not be able to find him until you complete the Boletarian Palace.

It will go away if you save Saint-Urbain. If you talk to him several times, he will also leave.

Sage Frek, Seer

Location: Nexus and Tower of Latria

Sage Frek, as the name suggests, is a powerful magician and rival of Saint Urben. He will teach you magic spells if you have at least 10 Magic. Frek's apprentice will become hostile if you happen to kill Frek.

Upon death, Frek will drop the Robe of the Venerable Sage and the Ring of Magical Sharpness.

To find Frek, head to Latria's Tower and grab the special key at the top of the tower in front of the boss area. You can find it on the wall behind the Dregling.

Go to Frek's chamber and open it. Talk to him and he will reappear in the Nexus with his apprentice.

Frek's Apprentice

Location: Nexus

As the name suggests, this is the Apprentice of the Sage Frek, who can also teach the player several magic spells if your Magic level is 10 or higher. When talking with him, he will ask you to save the Sage himself from imprisonment in the Tower of Latria.

Yuri, the Witch

Location: The Nexus and the Boletarian Palace

Yuri is studying the dark form of Spiritual Arts and can teach you a number of spells. However, she doesn't need 10 magic or 10 intelligence to learn her spells. You can find her locked in the Boletarian Palace, in the Archstone of the Knight's Tower.

Upon death, the Ring of Magical Nature will fall out of it, along with all its clothes (Old Torn Outfit and Triangle Hat).

Virgo in black

Location: Nexus

The location of the most important of all NPCs in the Demon Soul remake, the Maiden in Black is of course the Nexus. The Virgo in Black has the ability to manipulate your player's souls and can also communicate directly with the Old One. She is even more powerful than the Old Woman.

She can be found after defeating Phalanx at the Boletar's Palace in the Nexus.

Thomas's Stock

Location: Nexus

Thomas was left without a family when a deep fog reigned. However, he holds on firmly and has made the Nexus his new home, offering the player the option to store whatever items they can carry around.

Upon death, a Ring of Titanic Power drops from him.


Location: Nexus

Monumental - the last of its kind. He belongs to a race endowed with prophetic knowledge. You can talk to him after defeating the first boss in Boletaria's palace. It is located on the balcony above a stone arch in front of a lit candle.

Gives the player a friend's Ring.


Location: Nexus

Mephistopheles seeks the help of the Yurt and is the enemy of the Spiritual Arts. She can be found on the second floor of the Nexus using the external staircase. You will need to kill Yurt and have a penchant for a pure black character in order to find her.

Upon death, she drops the Paring Dagger, Foil Foil, Golden Mask, and Ring of the Damned.


Biorr, from "Twin Fangs"

Location: Nexus and Boletarian Palace

Biorr is a member of the King's elite duo. Unfortunately, he could not keep up with the demonic creatures of the fog, but has the wisdom and knowledge of Boletaria. He will be found sitting near the Archstone of the Valley of Desecration when you rescue him at the Boletar's Palace.

He can be rescued from his locked prison cell using the key found in the Tower Knight's Archstone.

Defeated warrior

Location: Nexus

You can find the warrior sitting in the Nexus in front of the Boletarian Palace Archet. He will tell you about the phantoms in the game, as well as point you to the nearest Archstone.

Worshiper of god

Location: Nexus

She appears in the Nexus with her apprentice and talks about her gem. You will be rewarded from her with a clean stone of the weak and two stones of ephemeral eyes if you have 20 faith or higher.

She also becomes hostile if Saint-Urbain is killed.

Disciple of God

Location: Nexus

A disciple of God is a religious man who apparently also left Saint-Urbain trapped in his loss of courage. He frowns on the Patches and turns hostile if you kill Saint Urben in the Nexus.

On death, the minister will drop 175 souls.

Ostrava, Boletarian

Location: The Nexus and the Boletarian Palace

Ostrava is probably the most famous of all the NPCs in the Demon Soul Remake, and is located after the first Blue Knight in Boletaria's palace behind the door of fog. It can be found a second time in the Phalanx Archetum at the beginning in the first room on the left.

He will appear in the Nexus after the second escape, sitting on a beam between Stonefang Tunnel and the Archstones of the Shrine of the Storm.

At death, a rune shield, a rune sword and a key to the mausoleum drop out.

Yurt, the Silent Leader

Location: Nexus and Tower of Latria

After Latria Tower is in the Pure Black World Tendency and all bosses are defeated. Return to the locked cage where the Yurt should be to find a pile of armor.

The yurt can be saved in the Idol Fool's Stone. It is near the first tower where the praying prisoners are. Just follow the augite's directions to find his cage.

He drops the gloom set on death.

Executioner Miralda

Location: Boletarian Palace

Miralda is a very personal henchman of King Allant, known for her extreme cruelty and no signs of compassion.

She can be found at the top of the pit steps on the right side of the Boletarian Palace, behind the gate. She will try to kill you for being a traitor to the King. Killing her will bring the global trend back to neutral.

Upon death, she drops the Master Ring and the Interlaced Cross Armor Set.

Old King Doran

Location: Palace of the Boletarii

Doran is known as the Last Hero. He is the demigod of the past and the founder of Boletaria, now locked up in the sanctuary.

You can find him behind the large door behind the Red-Eyed Knight in the Boletarian Palace. To open the door, you need the key to the mausoleum from Ostrava. Prove yourself worthy against him in battle and he will reward you with the Demon Brand.

Skirvir, the Wanderer

Location: Tunnel

Stonefang. Skrivir is a robber who made his way to Boletaria in search of benefits from the chaos of the people.

You can find it in two forms depending on your global trend.

Appears in body shape if your global trend is white. Give him the Dragon Bone Crusher and he will give you a Pure Gray Stone. And he would drop Rhonin's ring if he was killed.

Will appear as a black phantom if your world is inclined towards black. When killed, a talisman of beasts drops.

Lord Rydell

Location: Tower of Latria

Rydell is in the cell. The key to his cell is located on top of the 1st chain tower in the Archstone of Idol of Fools during the Pure White World Tendency. As a reward, he will give you the Dumb Rat Ring.


Location: Shrine of the Storm

Satsuki is at the Shrine of the Storm as he tries to find a katana known as "Makoto".

In the Pure White World Tendency, he will be at the start of the Shrine of the Storm to the right of the Silver Skeleton. He will ask you about Makoto and if you will give him to him; he will attack you with this.

However, if you choose to hide him from him, he will attack you with the intention of taking him away. If you already have a sword, it will attack you without asking you to hand it over.

He will appear as a black phantom in the Pure Black World Tendency and charge when he sees you.

Selene Vinland

Location: Valley of Desecration

Selene is Garl Vinland's sister. She can be found in the Valley of Desecration in search of her brother.

In Pure White World Trends, she will ask about her brother Garl. You can defeat Garl at the Archstone of the Mud Colossus in Pure White World Tendency.

He will drop the Vinland coat of arms, which you can show her sister as evidence. In this state, she will drop a Dingy Gold Robe and a Ring of Pious Prayer.

In the Pure White World Tendency, she will appear as a Black Phantom and will use healing and antimagic field. She also uses Blind, which attacks past shields. In this state, she will fold Blind.

Garl Vinland

Location: Valley of Desecration

Garl is loyal to the Maiden Astrea. It can be found in the Archstone of the Mud Colossus. If you kill him during a boss fight, he will drop a Dark Silver Shield and Dark Silver Armor.

He appears as a Black Phantom during Pure White World Tendency. Kill him to get the Vinland Crest for the Selene side quest. He also drops Bramd.

That's it: all the NPCs and their locations in Demon's Souls Remake.

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