Demon's Souls Remake: Farming pure sharp stone as efficiently as possible

Demon's Souls Remake: Farming pure sharp stone as efficiently as possible

In the PS3 version of Demon's Souls , the hardest part were neither the bosses, nor the levels, nor the enemies that kill in one hit or the fact of losing souls by dying. All that is nothing compared to the horror of obtaining the famous pure sharp stone. This stone has become a meme in the gaming community because its drop rate is so absurd. To get an idea of ​​the nightmare that awaits you if you want to get it, this one is only dropped by one type of enemy: the black skeletons with red eyes of world 4. If the fact that these enemies are already very hard to beat makes the process laborious, the drop rate is the final bouquet. In Pure Black Trend, this is only about a 1 in 200 chance. Fortunately,, the drop rate has been greatly revised upwards, making farming much more bearable. here are two ways to spend as little time as possible farming this damn stone.

For both methods, it is necessary / strongly advised to have a Black Pure World Trend to increase the drop rate of rarer items and spawn Black Ghosts.


This skeleton is often the one we recommend the most to farm (and which I also recommend personally, having obtained my pure sharp stone in three hours more or less thanks to him). It can be found in level 4-2 behind an invisible wall, hence the name. Once at the archepierre of the judge, continue straight ahead and go down to the room where the first "Grim Reaper" is located (the fake enemy). Ignore it and down to the left is a passage with stairs. In the middle of these stairs will be a wall (quite visible) which disappears if you attack it. Continue on this path and you will find the famous skeleton in question just waiting for your exit to come across it.

Since this enemy is quite powerful and can take quite a long time to kill if you face it normally, it is best to strategize so that you can kill it easily and quickly to make the process much less unbearable. A good method to overcome this is to use soul remains on the left to attract it to that side (not the other or the corpse may fall into the void killing it). Once the remains are thrown away, the skeleton will likely perform a jump attack in that direction. You can then take the opportunity to do a Backstab and then follow up with an R2 attack to finish it. With a powerful two-handed weapon, that should be more than enough to kill him. If the loot doesn't match the pure sharp stone,


This method involves being in NG + since you have to use the Aspire Soul spell . Starting from the Old Hero's Archstone , turn around and cross the area where the white slugs are. On the other side, pass the first Grim reaper and continue straight until you find the first skeleton in question. Slowly walk towards him so that you can use Soul Aspire and kill him in one hit. Another skeleton is located a little further.

If this method has the advantage of avoiding making a fight (which is supposed to make the process less cumbersome to perform), it requires being in NG +. If you're still in your first game, it's probably not worth starting over since you'll already be wasting at least three hours doing the Yuria the Witch quest , getting a Dark Pure World Trend, then coming back to the same point you did. were. In addition, it is said that the drop rate of pure sharp stone is even lower on this skeleton (but this is not sure).

On the other hand, this method is undoubtedly the best for farming souls since the Phantom gives more than 50,000 souls with the ring of avarice and the two golden skeletons just after 30,000 souls each .

Pure Sharp Stone can be traded with Sparkly the Raven in order to obtain the Ring of Longevity , which can only be obtained by purchasing the Deluxe version of the game.

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