Demon's Souls Remake - How to Defeat the Fool's Idol

Demon's Souls Remake - How to Defeat the Fool's Idol

The Fool's Idol is one of the most annoying bosses in the Demon's Souls remake. You will meet her at Latria's Tower. Defeating her is not an easy task, especially if you have no strategy.

In this Fool's Idol Boss Fighting Guide, we've given the boss's weaknesses along with tips and tricks on how you can defeat her and earn your reward.

Demon's Souls Remake "Boss Fool's Idol"

Before you try to engage in this fight, you need to kill a specific prisoner in the tower of Latria, who is in the same church as the boss. But, you must get to him from the path above and to the right of the church entrance before entering (he has dialogue, so it should be easy to find).

The prisoner uses his spells to restore the boss's health. Therefore, the best way to defeat the boss is to kill that prisoner first.

Once you kill the prisoner, you can proceed to the boss fight. The Fool's Idol is found floating near the altar with several prisoners surrounding it.

You can make your way through the prisoners and face the boss. Just use your bow to clear the space filled with stray prisoners.

However, make sure you don't get too close to the boss and don't let yourself be in danger.

At the beginning of the battle, the boss throws several symbols on the ground that stun you when they attack and allow the boss to make you an easy target.

The best strategy here is to hide behind the pillars and avoid her magical attacks.

The best way to use the pillars is to take cover behind them when she is performing an attack, and once you have an open shot, use your arrow attacks on her to deal damage. This is the safest strategy in this fight and is highly recommended.

As you know, this place is surrounded by prisoners, so why not use them to your advantage ?!

The prisoners are loyal to the boss, and even if she clones herself during the fight, they always praise in the direction of the original boss, not the clones.

You can use this information to your advantage when she creates her clones in combat, which makes combat much easier for you.

If the prisoners are not doing you any good, there is another way to identify the real boss. The clones are able to cast small spells, while the real one can cast large Soul Ray spells.

In addition, the real boss is the only one who can cast a paralyzing spell. Also, when you lock onto the boss (by holding R3), you may notice that the real boss has no health bar above it.

As for the clones, they disappear as soon as they come under your attacks more than three times.

There are several ways in which you can spread the damage in this fight. Ranged attack, magic and good old hand-to-hand combat.

For a long-range attack, take a few notches and take cover behind the columns. Once you're safe, use the zoom to shoot an arrow at her and take cover again.

You can repeat this process until you kill her. This is a safe and easy method.

In terms of magic, you can use the Anti-Magic Field, which prevents every nearby enemy from casting a spell, or you can find the real boss; be sure to look at the health bar as the real one has no health bar on the screen.

When you are in place, detonate her with three fire throws, take cover and repeat the process until she dies.

If you are in melee, then you will rely more on the two handing over your weapons to hit her as hard as possible when you find her among the clones.

Move from pillar to pillar until you get to the real Fool's Idol and then throw your heavy attacks (watch out for this stamina though)

Once you defeat the Fool's Idol, you will be rewarded with a doll demon soul.

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