Demon's Souls Remake - How to Defeat the Tower Knight

Demon's Souls Remake - How to Defeat the Tower Knight

Tower Knight is an iconic colossal knight with a large imposing shield in the souls of demons. In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about defeating a boss in the Demon's Souls remake.

Demon's Souls Remake "Boss Tower Knight"

You will find the tower knight boss in the huge courtyard of Boletrian Palace 1-2.

The statistics tables below will help you choose the best attacks to hit your boss.


the fire-109

As you can see from the above stats, the tower knight is weak against magic as his defense is very low against magic.


All eyes are on the tower knight as the fight begins, but you really want to kill the archers first.

They are located in the galleries in the left and right half of the courtyard and throw arrows at you during the battle if they do not understand.

Climb the stairs to deal with the archers on each side. Once you take out the pesky archers, you can properly focus on the boss attacks instead of worrying about arrows firing at you from the sides.

The tower knight has some fairly linear attacks, so dodge most of his attacks in both directions (with careful timing, of course).

There are several moves that you must follow and one of them is the shield bash. The impact of the shield creates a large shockwave. This attack is telegraphed by the boss raising his shield in the air.

When you see the boss raising his shield, run as far as possible to minimize damage and protect yourself from death.

Another move you need to look out for is the soul spear. The boss uses this attack when you are a good distance from the boss.

This attack will deal magic damage to you, so try your best to avoid this attack.

The tower knight's magical defense is low, which makes the soul arrow very good to attack when you can.

If you are not a spellcaster, that's okay, just get behind him using dodges and attack the boss's ankles, and be on the lookout for this Shield Bash.

Keep slashing the boss in the ankle and once you've dealt enough damage, he'll drop to his knees.

When the Tower Knight is kneeling, you can attack his head and deal massive damage. You can also use magic attack for even better results


You will be rewarded with the soul of an Iron Demon for defeating the tower knight boss.

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