Demon's Souls Remake - How to Defeat Phalanx

Demon's Souls Remake - How to Defeat Phalanx

In this guide, we'll walk you through your encounter with Phalanx, including all the stats and suggested strategies to defeat him quickly in Demon's Souls Remake.

Demon's Souls Remake "Boss Phalanx"

Bosses in Demon's Souls appear when the player walks through a foggy gate.

These are special enemies with very high health indicators, and their encounters have individual soundtracks to match the character of the boss.

The Phalanx is one of these bosses that you will face in Demon's Souls.

It is a clot of darkness that relies on the hoplites for both offensive and defensive purposes.

This is the main boss encounter at the Boletarian Palace, and defeating the Phalanx Boss will reward you with the Lead Demon Soul.

Attack and counter

  • The Phalanx has a total health of 1150 and is especially weak against fire attacks;
  • The Phalanx can also restore its health if you stop attacking it, but it can only do this until the last hoplite is alive;
  • Hoplites can also regain their health if they rejoin the phalanx after being wounded;
  • Hoplites appear after 2 minutes in small groups until you kill the latter;
  • The Phalanx is just a big drop of darkness and cannot attack you by itself, so it relies on hoplites to attack you with spears and blows;
  • The phalanx moves very slowly and can corner you in order to bring down a swarm of hoplites on you;
  • The Phalanx has a total of 35 hoplites at first spawning and can increase this number beyond its original amount if you drag out the fight too long;
  • Hoplites cover the side of the phalanx that faces the player, leaving the other side vulnerable to attacks.

Meeting strategies

We will now talk about a few strategies that will help you kill Phalanx quickly and easily.

Hand-to-hand combat classes

These strategies are for melee classes and will focus on either using two-handed weapons or using fire attacks.

The Phalanx's attacks can be suppressed by a class that places great emphasis on melee attacks.

If you use two-handed weapons and use quick attacks, you can easily reduce the number of hoplites.

If you choose this strategy, then don't stand and wait for the Phalanx to push you.

This will cause you to be hit by his projectile attacks.

Make some quick attacks and then bounce back when your stamina and health are depleted. Heal and log in again.

This is the most effective way to fight the Phalanx.

Using fire

You can use incendiary bombs to quickly destroy hoplites. There are only 1-1 11 incendiary bombs, or you can buy more incendiary bombs when you visit Trader Dregling.

Each incendiary bomb costs 500 souls.

Apply turpentine to all your weapons at the start of the fight.

Use dual weapons and attack the phalanx from the flanks to hit it on the sides not protected by the hoplites.

No fire

If you don't want to use turpentine or fire bombs, you can simply run around the perimeter and some hoplites will break formation to chase you.

This is an easy collection. Continue doing this until hoplites are rare, and then you can easily damage the phalanx.

Magic classes

You can also fight the Phalanx effectively using the Mage and Royal Family classes .

All you have to do is run across the terrain to force the hoplites to destroy the formation, and then you can kill them using Soul Arrows or Flame Throws.

Wizard classes do not have a mana regen ring. So buying Fresh Spice from Blacksmith Boldwin in advance is not a bad idea.

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