Demon's Souls Remake: How to effectively hunt crystal lizards?

Demon's Souls Remake: How to effectively hunt crystal lizards?

Crystal Lizards are very special enemies of Demon's Souls Remake . This is because unlike the others, they have no way of attacking you and are therefore harmless. On the other hand, they take great pleasure in fleeing as soon as you appear in their field of vision. It wouldn't be a problem if they weren't the sole source of certain weapon-enhancing stones and they were available in limited supply. Because yes, crystal lizards do not reappear endlessly, hence the importance of being extremely careful when trying to kill them. So here is our guide clearly explaining the rule for crystal lizards to appear in worlds and how to hunt them effectively.


It is not possible to find crystal lizards in every world and each level has one or more lizards spawning in a specific location. Each lizard has a kind of counter (not indicated by the game) which starts at +1. This counter corresponds to the number of lizards available at a specific location. Each time you kill a lizard, the lizard runs away, commits suicide by falling into the void, or you kill it but do not pick up the loot , this counter is reduced by one. When it reaches 0, it means that when you return to where the lizard was, the lizard will no longer be there.

However, it is possible to increase the counter to make the lizards reappear. In fact, each time you kill a boss in a world, +1 is added to the counter of all the lizards in that world, including those in the levels before or after the boss you killed. So in World 2 where there are three bosses in total, each lizard can spawn a maximum of four times. On the other hand, once these four appearances are exhausted, the counter will remain blocked at 0 and it will no longer be possible to make the lizard in question reappear until NG +.

As a reminder, some of these lizards are the only source of pure stone as is the case with those of levels 3-2 and 3-3 to obtain a pure moonlight stone for example. So you can understand why it is necessary to be extremely careful whenever you approach a crystal lizard. Without it, you can get stuck upgrading some weapons to +5.


While the fact that they're only available a certain number of times didn't already make it complicated enough to get certain Pure Stones, the loot you get after the Lizard is killed is totally random. This means that you can kill a lizard four times very well, never get the pure form of a particular stone, and find yourself stuck at a weapon's level +5 despite your best efforts to achieve it.

Fortunately, several tips exist to avoid this for sure. First of all, it is important to clarify that the loot of crystal lizards will be much better if the World Trend is Pure Black. In this Trend, lizards will almost certainly drop the rarest form of stone they can drop. This doesn't mean that you will get a Pure Stone for sure, but that if he can drop a Pure Stone, he will drop it. It is therefore widely advised to try to avoid as much as possible crossing the path of the crystal lizards as long as the Trend of the world is not black so as not to scare them away.


The most important thing to keep in mind when hunting crystal lizards is that you should definitely not let them escape or throw themselves into the void (seriously these tips would rather kill yourself than give you their stones). For this, several approaches are possible:

Be stealthy

Stealth is probably the easiest and most straightforward method for lizards that can't kill themselves. Indeed, if, as normal, lizards can spot you very easily, it is possible to combine several elements in order to approach them and not give them time to react.

If you use the Ring of the Thief in Soul Form , the Lizard won't hear you until you are very close. However, they are slow enough to turn around and start to flee, which will give you time to kill them quite easily. The more equipment you remove, the more effective this method will be since you will make less noise.

Using hypermode

As a reminder, hypermode is a special build that allows you to benefit from up to 140% attack bonus when the health is below 30%. This is possible by equipping the Band of the Wise Rat and using the Morion Quartz Blade . To lower your HPs below 30%, you can temporarily equip the Magic Sword "Makoto" to drain your own HP. Once you get below 30%, your character will have some kind of red light around him indicating that hypermode is on.

Thanks to this huge damage boost, it is very likely to kill the lizard in one hit, which greatly limits its chances of escape.

Use a bow

This method is probably the most effective because it can be combined with the first two. Indeed, by being discreet, you can easily approach the lizard and aim it quietly with your bow. Then, with hypermode, you can kill it with one or two arrows. This is a very convenient method for lizards standing right next to the void or a cliff (as if by chance) as is the case for the lizard at the very beginning of level 2-1. Using hypermode, even if the first arrow does not kill the lizard, it will do enough damage to put it on its back, giving you time to kill it with the second.

On the other hand, without hypermode, you have to be a little more careful because the first arrow may alert and scare the lizard away. In this case, if you are ready enough, you can try to leave him afterwards and finish him normally. Otherwise, keep shooting him with the bow.

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