Demon's Souls Remake: How to farm souls and herbs quickly?

Demon's Souls Remake: How to farm souls and herbs quickly?

Finding a way to be able to farm souls quickly and easily is always important in Souls, and Demon's Souls Remake is no exception. Indeed, not only are souls a way of level-up, but they also serve as a currency, and therefore allow you to buy items. Farming souls can therefore solve a problem other than that of levels: that of healing items. Rather than trying to kill the same enemy over and over, it is much faster and more efficient to purchase the healing herbs directly from Pat the Hyena . Here are three methods to quickly farm souls according to your progress in the game.


If you are really struggling to get through the game and think that a few more levels can help you make a difference, but you haven't really advanced in the game, then this method is perfect.

The only thing that is needed is to have beaten the first boss Phalanx to have unlocked access to all worlds. Once it does, make your way to level 3 - 1. At the very beginning of this level is one of those spooky squid-headed enemies. Without any bonus, killing just one of these enemies is worth almost 500 souls. In addition, in this remake, it is possible to reset the area very quickly by returning to the archstone and teleporting there. Killing the first looped squid will therefore be very easy, take little time, and should allow you to get over fifteen thousand souls in just half an hour, which is huge at the very beginning of the game. .

To kill him quickly, you can simply loop Backstab or use Fire to which they are weak.


This method requires having defeated the last boss of world 4 and thus having obtained the Storm Master sword . The ring of avarice and having a pure black World Trend are obviously of great help.

Take your Stormbord Sword and head to 4 - 3. Once there, kill all the flying rays with your sword. In one run, you should be able to do well over 30,000 souls, which can reach several hundred thousand souls in just an hour. Even though the stingrays can be quite dangerous, it's not a big deal if you die since you'll be right next door and can find your souls easily. However, the sword wears out very quickly so it will take some time to repair it quite often.


This method is by far the one that gets the most soul the fastest. But it does require several prerequisites: Having the Aspire Soul spell (which implies being in NG +), the thief's ring , and having a pure black World Trend in World 4.

Starting from the Old Hero's Archstone , turn around and cross the area where the white slugs are. On the other side, pass the first Grim reaper and continue straight until you find the first skeleton in question. Slowly walk towards him so that you can use Soul Aspire and kill him in one hit. Another skeleton is located a little further.

On the other hand, this method is undoubtedly the best for farming souls since the Ghost gives more than 50,000 souls with the ring of avarice and the two golden skeletons just after 30,000 souls each, which makes 110,000 souls in barely a few minutes.

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