DEMON'S SOULS REMAKE: Sparkly the crow: swap items - this is how it works!

If you want to exchange collected items for other, possibly more valuable equipment, you can do so at Sparkly the Crow. The feathered dealer does not have a visible range that you can simply choose from. Instead, the trade with it takes place according to somewhat obscure principles. We have listed for you what exactly you have to give Sparkly to get the coveted exchange objects. To do this, you have to drop the item in question that you want to give Sparkly to and log out of the game. After logging in again, there is no longer your item in front of you, but the exchange item. Remember: you can only exchange each item once per game run. Now all you have to do is grab it! By the way, you can find the crow in the tree on a hill in World 4-1 Shrine of Storms.

DEMON'S SOULS REMAKE: Sparkly the crow: swap items - this is how it works!

White arrows (10x) : If you leave Sparkly remains of souls or an Augit of the leadership, you will receive the arrows from the crow.

Full moon grass (10x) : Give the trader a shard of mercury stone.

New moon grass (10x) : For a lump of mercury stones you get the higher quality grass.

Dark moon grass (10x) : Pure quicksilver stone gives you the valuable dark moon grass in exchange.

Wedge stone shards (5x) : For a spider stone shard you receive 5 wedge stone shards.

Sticky White Stuff (10x): Give the crow a lump of cobblestone.

Ephemeral eye stone (3x) : Place a pure spider stone in the bird's nest.

Ring of Regeneration : Sparkly needs the Jade Hair Clip, for this you get the ring.

Ring of fragrance : You can exchange this ring with the brass telescope.

Ring of Prayer : Leave the Great Moonlightsaber to the Crow.

Ring of magical dullness : You get the ring in exchange for a phosphorescent rod.

Soul of a great hero : The silver bracelet or the silver crown open up the exchange for the dear soul.

Colorless demon soul: the divine talisman and the golden mask are necessary for the exchange.

Ring of Unequal Weight : Give Sparkly a gold coin and you will receive the ring.

Ring of Longevity : Leave a pure blade stone for the bird and he will reward you accordingly.

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