Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Best Special Weapon

With a Mountaintop / Anarchy type combo being a sunset, there are several new options that you can use with great effect in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

While snipers have become a shadow of themselves, they are still pretty good when it comes to sustained DPS, especially if you can hit.

However, these are not the only options available. In this guide, I've provided a list of the best special weapons that I think will be mega cool in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Best Special Weapon


Best Special Weapon in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

I have also detailed what I think is the best choice (where applicable) for weapons while playing on MnK.

If you prefer a different roll, feel free to stick with it. Moreover, this weapon is intended exclusively for PvE activity.

Finally, none of these weapons will disappear for a whole year. With that said, the following are the best specials for Beyond Light:


You probably got it already as it was the Season Pass reward in the Season of Arrivals. Witherhoard is one of the best zone control and sweep features in the game, especially if you know where the enemies will come from.

It can also be paired with things like Falling Guillotine, Negative Space, and more to take insane amounts of damage per second.

Since MT is sunset in BL, Witherhoard is one of the best Kinetic slots specials.

Izanagi's Burden

While it's just a shadow of itself, Burden of Iznaga is still one of the best options for rapidly increasing DPS. Honed Edge's 4x catalyst hitting like a truck is incredible for ultras and bosses.

Unfortunately the pistol and catalyst require a long quest chain and they are all now added to the Destiny Content Vault.

However, when Bungie adds stalls to the Tower to purchase old exotic items, you may still have a chance.

Long Shadow / The Supremacy / Distant Tumulus / Eye of Sol

Like Burden of Izanagi, legendary snipers are not what they used to be, but they will still be a viable option in Beyond Light. 

Depending on what actions you like to play, you can get one of them and be ready when BL falls. Both Long Shadow and Distant Tumulus are a drop in the open world, The Supremacy can be obtained in the Last Wish raid, and the Eye of Sol is a Trials of Osiris reward. Below are the gods you should be looking for:

First In, Last Out

You can get this Arc Shotgun from Umbral Engrams. Shotgun Bullets have been boosted for PvE in the Arrival Season, and FILO is a must for high-profile events. An auto-load holster is essential so you don't have to reload it over and over again.

Assault Mag. it is recommended to fire all 6 shots as quickly as possible. Vorpal Weapon will deal extra damage to bosses, but you can try Demolitionist if you have one.


Except for this legendary sniper, none of the snipers with Fourth Time's the Charm advance in Beyond Light. Tactical Mag. will allow you to handle easily. 

Fourth time - charm and high recoil reserves will allow you to save damage. Just try restarting after all the shots have landed and you will be fine

 I'd like another barrel, but none of them increase reload speed. It can also be obtained from Dark Engrams.


Since the Wendigo GL3 and The Milita's Birthright are at sunset in Beyond Light, none of the GLs in Beyond Light can throw Blinding Grenades except Truthteller. Since you have 20 power levels by the time the raid starts, blinding grenades are bound to be confusing. 

The ability to blind everyone in the room so that you don't get shot at all the time is a boon. If you have extra tokens, try spamming them to Commander Zavala for a chance.

 As long as you have blinding grenades and a self-loading holster, the rest of the stuff doesn't matter.

Honorable mentions

When it comes to honorable mentions, there are many options to choose from. The weapons presented below perform different functions and are unique in their purpose:

  • Telesto
  • Martyr's Retributon
  • Seventh Seraph CQC-12
  • Divinity
  • Eriana's vow

These are the best special weapons you should consider in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

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