Destiny 2 - Beyond light DLC has been released

Destiny 2 - Beyond light DLC has been released

Players of the multiplayer shooter Destiny 2 now have access to a large-scale add-on "Beyond Light". The events of the third chapter of the narration will unfold on Europa, the moon of Jupiter, and are dedicated to the long-awaited arrival of the huge ships-pyramids of darkness.

The development team has prepared a lot of interesting things. Guardians can now use the new element of stasis. Depending on the choice of light or darkness, the game interface will also change. A large location in Europe is full of new activities and various secrets to be learned. The storyline campaign "Beyond the Light" will not only provide an opportunity to get to know the darkness better, but will also add such a character as the exo-wanderer Elsie Bray to the second part of the game. And the enemy is Eramis and the dark empire of the fallen.

In addition, the expansion also includes new raids, missions, equipment, balance changes, the return of the Cosmodrome location from the original Destiny, the Hunt for the Wrathborn activity, and much more. And on November 17, the doors of the Deepstone Crypt will open.

On Monday night, Bungie launched a small live event to celebrate the conclusion of Season 11, Arrival. Players were able to walk the streets of the Last City, and the action ended with the absorption of the darkness of the planets Titan, Io, Mars and Mercury. After that, Eris Morn said that this is not the end, but the escalation and the servers went to technical work. The event gathered in the game almost 220 thousand people on PC alone and a large number of people in the entrance queue. 

As a reminder, the Beyond light add-on aroused great interest among players and took a leading position in sales worldwide.

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