Destiny 2: Beyond Light - How to Reach Power Level 1200 Fast

Beyond Light, the highly anticipated addition to Destiny 2, has finally arrived, bringing a host of groundbreaking changes to Bungie's popular space looting shooter. Chief among them, the Guardians can rise to new heights of Power, earning new equipment and weapons.

Destiny 2 has implemented a new content storage system with Beyond Light, removing four main locations and a variety of weapons from the game to make room for new content. In addition to new additions to the game's expanding arsenal, Beyond Light offers an all-new character tree based on the glassy energies of the Abyss and new customization options to give the familiar feel of the original Destiny.

Sentinels are heading into races to reach the new "soft" gear limit, which is currently set at 1200 Power. Haste is also not unreasonable. The first raid of Beyond Light and Deep Stone Crypt kicks off on November 21, so players have very little time to prepare for the new content. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to quickly increase your power level.

Schendziee on Reddit recommends that players follow the Guardian Siegedancers strategy for farming. Chart a course for Hellmouth on the Moon and prioritize the following three actions to quickly collect blue blobs:

  • Treasure Keeper's Chest;
  • Public events;
  • A powerful nightmare.

Find sources of loot, rinse and repeat. Fortunately, there are a few other easy ways to get to 1200 power if chopping gets tedious. The Nightmare Lost Sectors as a whole seem to be full of legendary profits, with several Reddit users specifically referring to the Widow's Walk sector in the EDZ. Another relatively quick route to a soft lid is to simply play Crucible matches. This latter approach directly benefits from one of Beyond Light's powerful reward sources.

Players who have already achieved soft capitalization will have more limited climbing opportunities, but they cannot afford to rest on their laurels for long. In the first Raid Race, teams need to score 1230 Power Points. Once the soft cap is reached, the Guardians will likely want to use their weekly reward sources to get closer to the hard cap of 1250. After that, only peak rewards will count towards the 1260 cap.

Guardians who have used dishonest methods of cleaning up raid content in the past will also want to take into account - Bungie has changed its raid races to discourage cheaters. These welcome new measures should ensure a fairer game and a satisfying challenge.

Players looking to gain an additional edge in Beyond Light may want to check out some starting tips that will make their early quests smoother and more profitable before diving into them. But there is also something to be said about going blind and enjoying the surprise.

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