Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Prepare for the Crypt of the Stone raid and Build 1250 Might, our guide

Destiny 2 Beyond the Light: Prepare for the Crypt of the Stone raid and Build 1250 Might, our guide

This Saturday, November 21, the new Destiny 2 raid is released, the first in a year, and requires important prerequisites to succeed in taking refuge there. Find out all you need to know and how to level up to level 1250 Power quickly in our guide.

New loots, titanic trials and bosses to reduce to mush, Destiny 2 will offer itself a brand new raid called "Crypt of the Stone". It can be found in Europe, and allows the most seasoned players to face particularly formidable enemies, while discovering the secrets contained in this crypt.


To enter the Crypt of the Stone, within the first 24 hours, you will need to be at a Power level of 1230 . After this period, which allows you to start a World First contest, the required level will increase to 1250 .

You must also have completed the Beyond Light campaign, the game's new expansion (and therefore own it). This passage is necessary since it allows to unlock the powers of Stasis, the new subclass of Destiny 2, and available for all classes. Finally, remember to complete the quests related to collecting entropic shards , otherwise your power will be limited.

In addition, you will need a Clan (or a "Guild") to evolve with people you know . The trials of the raid sometimes require a lot of synchronization, and therefore communication.

Warning !

If you attempt World First, the Power of the Artifact is not taken into account for the first 24 hours. You must therefore have 1230 Power without it.


As usual, many exclusive loots (armor and weapons) will be offered to those who come to the end of the Crypt of the Stone. But the one that will allow you to show your feat to all the other Guardians is none other than an emblem (left image). It is available to anyone who completes it, with no time limit. And for those who complete it within 24 hours of launch, another emblem (right image), while those arriving by December 1 will be offered a code to purchase an exclusive jacket on the Bungie Store . The World First winning squad will walk away with a nice belt.


This is where the "hard" part is. Beyond level 1200 of Power, and even if you rely on the artificial rise provided by the Artifact (which requires the purchase of the Season of the Hunt, but not necessarily), the leveling is much slower. You only gain Might levels more rarely through regular Chest Drops in Assaults, and after 1215, gear to further improve your Might is only found in certain activities.

However, all is not lost! If you want to optimize your leveling , and get to the point, focus on the following activities:

  • Between 1200 and 1215

Focus on quick activities, and don't hesitate to do them with your friends. Assaults, for example, are a good solution, as are Forgotten Sectors . In addition, remember to achieve your milestones for the week, since they systematically earn you a perfect engram, synonymous with a gain in Power. During your wanderings in the galaxy, your experience will increase, and your artifact too, giving you some Power points without the need for engrams. Also, don't forget about the weekly bounties given out by the various members of the Vanguard, which can give you a powerful piece of equipment.

If you have Season of the Hunt, complete the Tangled Shore public events , which are particularly generous.

  • Between 1215 and 1250 (and beyond)

For this part, the Milestones are the only solution . They relate to both Assaults and Night Peril Assaults, including Trial (PvP) and Gambit (PvPvE). In addition, "Adventures" and Forgotten Sectors are now available on your map of Europe in a more difficult version . For these two activities, however, note that a perfect engram is not always offered at the end.

Subsequently, once you have access to the raid and its first bosses , it is this one that will allow you to reach the highest point more easily.


Once at the necessary Power level, optimize your equipment to the maximum by improving the levels of armor and weapons . You will unlock slots for mods, and thus improve overall stats. In addition, do not hesitate to farm certain very specific weapons and pieces of equipment , in particular for the case of Exotic elements, whose bonuses can be extremely important against certain bosses.

With all these tips, you are now ready to face the twists and turns of the Crypt of the Stone. Will you be able to discover the last secrets of Europe? Do you plan to get started? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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