Destiny 2: Find all entropic shard - So you get the 2nd stasis aspect

Destiny 2: Find all entropic shard - So you get the 2nd stasis aspect

In Destiny 2 you can now find the new, second aspect for your stasis class. We show you how this works and where you can find all 9 entropic shards for it on Europe.

This is new: the players can customize their new stasis classes in Beyond Light much more than the conventional focuses. This is made possible by the "aspect and shard" system . For almost 2 weeks now, the Guardians have been wondering where they get the 2nd aspect for their Warlock, Titan or Hunter.

We have good news: You can now unlock the 2nd stasis aspect. This is how you make your icy skills even mean

Are there any requirements for this? Yes. In order to be able to hunt the new stasis aspect at all, you have to meet some requirements.

You must have completed the quest series "Born in Darkness, Part 1-3". To do this, you have to have found your first stasis aspect and have the exotic stasis grenade throwing. The players also report that you must first have found the huge exo in Bray Exo Science.

Here You will find all 4 tasks given below

  • So you unlock all stasis abilities for "Born in darkness" 1-3
  • Here you will find your first aspect and 3 entropic shards for "aspect of control"
  • You can find more about the exotic grenade launcher “Grasp of Redemption” here
  • You can find the gigantic exo during the quest for the exotic sword "The Lament"

This is how you create "Born in Darkness, Part 4" in Destiny 2

You start the quest series with the Alien Exo on Europe in the area "Beyond". Then there are 6 steps to master. In between you also have to tackle the quest "Aspect of Destruction", in which you should track down all 9 entropic shards.

Quest Step 1: Get 50 Kills Stasis Skills.

  • It doesn't matter where you land the kills, so you can pursue your other tasks or farm.
  • The step goes very quickly in the weekly shadow zone. Because here your stasis skills charge faster. Until the reset on November 24th, you will find the zone in the "Eventide Ruins" area in Northern Europe.
  • The current shadow zone is always marked by a yellow pyramid on the map.

Quest step 2: Go to the strike playlist " Dawn: The Trial by Fire " and show your stasis skills

  • You must complete 3 Trials by Fire while equipping a Stasis Focus
  • In addition, you have to influence 60 enemies with stasis skills
  • It doesn't matter if you do it, freeze it, or slow it down
  • The difficulty of twilight: Trial by fire does not matter - so just choose the 1180 version and have an easy game

Quest Step 3: Defeat the Troops of the House of Redemption

  • Select the quest step on the Europe map and mark it.
  • Now you follow the marker to the "Creation" area - that is behind the "Bray Exo Science" in the west.
  • A pyramid shard appears in a laboratory area, steps up and fights the few fallen
  • Then ideally stay exactly where you are

Quest Step 4: Bring the Skeleton Key to the Stranger Exo

  • Open the Europe map and select the new quest marker in the “Creation” area
  • Now penetrates deeper and deeper into the underground laboratory
  • You have to hop over some platforms and drop through holes in the floor
  • Your goal is achieved when you arrive at the head of the mighty exos
  • Here you listen to an exciting story dialogue between 3 members of the Bray family

Quest Step 5: return to the Stranger Exo.

  • Go back to the "Beyond" area and talk to the Exo.
  • She now has one more task for you before you can finally hold the new aspect in your hands
  • You have to find all 9 Entropic shards “on Europe
We will then show you the locations of all entropic shards for the quest "Aspect of Destruction" if you haven't found all of the collectibles yet.

Quest Step 6: Visit the crux of darkness in "RIIS Reborn Access".

  • Select the quest step in the far north of Europe and follow the marker
  • A battle awaits you at the pyramid shard
  • Prepare for an Overload Champion

Find all 9 Entropic Shards for "Aspect of Destruction"

You have already found and destroyed at least 3 Entropic Shards. Since the raid in the deep stone crypt was mastered by the first guardians, the doors in the "Bray Exo-Science" into the area "Creation" have opened.

Here you will find the previously unattainable 9th and final entropic shard.

We presents you here, how the Destiny expert Esoterickk finds all 9 Entropic shards of Europe in the video:

If you're just looking for the 9th Entropic shard in Bray Exo Science, we have a video guide for you here:

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