Destiny 2: How to get the 1st raid box solo and why you should do it

Destiny 2: How to get the 1st raid box solo and why you should do it

The new Destiny-2- Raid in the Tiefsteinkrypta has 2 boxes with loot, both of which can also be fetched solo - one of them is very easy with little effort. And that can be worthwhile - for raiders and players who would otherwise not dare to take part in a raid. MeinMMO explains to you how you can get the first raid box all by yourself.

What's up with the raid boxes? In Destiny 2, the new expansion Beyond Light brought a lot of fresh content - including a new raid in the Tiefsteinkrypta on Europe.

In the individual encounters of this top PvE activity, you can earn all sorts of cool, exclusive raid loot - such as the raid exotic "The eyes of tomorrow" .

But there are also boxes in the raid that you can use to get some useful things - regardless of whether you like to raid or not.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to get the raid boxes: You will get a box

  • 10 x conquest loot guaranteed - per week, per character. This is a new resource for the kiosk in the tower, from which you can pull old exotic items or special weapons .
  • The chance for special raid mods
  • The chance of raid weapons and armor parts - but only those that have already been dropped for you in the raid. So if you have not yet completed a raid encounter and have not yet received a raid loot, you have no chance of it via the boxes.

So if you want missing top exotic products from the kiosk, you have to go to the raid. Because the booty is only there. And so players who otherwise don't raid can also get the new resource - if they have time and have to be hard-working. Because for an exotic weapon you need 240x conquest loot. So if you only limit yourself to the 1st raid box, you need 8 weeks with 3 characters to earn this amount. But without a raid you won't get anything.

Players who like to raid, but cannot visit the Tiefsteinkrypt regularly, are able to occasionally farm mods and the resource on their own and, under certain circumstances, to access additional raid equipment.

Get the first raid box solo - this is how it works


  • On the one hand, you absolutely need the Beyond Light extension. Without it you won't get into the raid at all.
  • In addition, you should reach at least power level 1.220 (with artifact ), as you meet opponents briefly and it becomes noticeably more strenuous below that.
You don't need a team for this. The first sparrow phase and the fetching of boxes also works solo - with all 3 guardian classes. You are not under time pressure, nor do you have to worry about respawns. The whole thing doesn't take place in a dark zone, so you can try again and again when you die.

Where can I find the raid? The new raid in the deep stone crypt is on the new Europe location.

The way to the first box

The beginning: After you have soaked up, you first have to clean up the area and eliminate all enemies so that the massive hatch opens and you get access to the crypt. Go down through this entrance, swing up on your Sparrow and now it's first: Follow the course of the tunnel and drive through it - until you reach the first red dome or bubble.

From here you have to follow a specific path from dome to dome, being careful not to die from the frostbite debuff (after it stacks at 10x).

Bypass Frostbite Debuff: You can bypass this debuff completely with a little trick.

  • Park your Sparrow just outside the bubble and step from it into the bubble.
  • Then just get out of the inside of the bubble and get back on your Sparrow, which is still parked outside.
  • This should be done quickly, otherwise the sparrow will disappear.
  • If you did that correctly, you are now permanently protected by "Refuge from the Storm" at the bottom left of the screen.

This is how you get to the box: Now you have to follow a certain path. This is difficult to describe - especially because of the poor visibility that characterizes this phase. Just pay attention to Esoterickk's route from minute 1:08 in the following video and try to drive it as precisely as possible. At the end (minute 3:06) the first raid box is waiting for you.

And remember: Esoterickk doesn't always move from bubble to bubble to remove the debuff, but takes a shorter route. You should also bypass the debuff, otherwise this style of play is not possible.

What about the 2nd box? Yes, the second raid box can also be bagged solo. But for this you have to glitch outside of the map and follow a certain route there. This is not always easy and easily feasible even for seasoned custodians, which is why we will not give an explicit description here. It should be easier for them to get the box in the regular raid process.

If you are interested, just watch the video from minute 3:09 With 2 boxes on all 3 characters you could get 60x conquest loot per week.

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