Destiny 2: only heavy bow gets masterpiece upgrade - is it worth it?

Destiny 2: only heavy bow gets masterpiece upgrade - is it worth it?

In Season 12 of Destiny 2, you can turn the exotic "Leviathan Breath" bow into a masterpiece. We'll tell you where to find the catalyst and what the weapon has on the box.

It's all about this exotic: The battle arc "Leviathan-Breath" came into play in autumn 2019 with Season 8. To this day, a year later, the Exotic is the only heavy bow in Destiny 2 - so it needs power ammunition.

But Leviathan-Breath does not fire arid arrows, but huge bolts.

  • Thanks to the “Big Game Hunter” perk, they hit so hard that enemies are pushed back several meters.
  • But neither that, nor the rather high damage or the intrinsic anti-champion function could make the bow popular.

Now the season of the hunt has started in Destiny 2 and appropriately brings a catalyst for the ailing exotic. We tells you how you can make Leviathan breath a masterpiece and what the bow can do.

The masterpiece catalyst for Leviathan Breath in Destiny 2

Where do you find the catalyst? The Leviathan's Breath Catalyst is a random drop. You don't get it through a quest or during a mission. Every powerful enemy that you kill with the exo bow has a chance to find the item.

This is how it works faster: If you can't wait and want to get the catalyst in your hands as quickly as possible, there is a farm trick:

  • Visit the Lost Sector Witwenweg in the ETZ
  • Kill the captain and his 4 nightmare gliders with the bow
  • So you have breakfasted 5 powerful enemies in one minute
  • Leave the sector and start again - after a few runs you have the catalyst
  • Stock up on heavy ammunition at one of the many public events in the ETZ via flag

If you didn't get the bow back in Season 8, then you don't have to despair. Visit the exotic kiosk in the tower and buy it there.

How does the bow become a masterpiece?

What you have to do: To make Leviathan Breath a full masterpiece, you have to level the catalyst. In this case you have 2 options that you can also mix:

  • Get kill with the bow itself (1500)
  • Kill special anger born (gives about 15% progress): It doesn't matter how you kill the hunting targets - it is only important that the bow is somewhere in your inventory
Note: You start the special Wrathborn hunts with your bait from Season 12 . Then make sure that you insert a mod in the first slot that shows as the package content: "Leviathan Breath Catalyst Progress".

How good is Leviathan Breath after its upgrade?

This is what the masterpiece does: The exotic only receives one improvement as a masterpiece: +80 inventory size.

  • In practice this means that you can carry 5 more heavy arrows.
  • Instead of 10 rounds, you have 15 rounds in reserve
How good is that in practice? The bow definitely benefits from the significantly larger reserve. This upgrade is not enough to make Leviathan Breath socially acceptable.

Many Guardians would have preferred that the miserably lame tension time or the slow handling would have been approached as a masterpiece. Because the greatest criticism of the bow remains: Leviathan-Breath cannot prevail against the strong exotic competition.

Especially with regard to the masterpiece catalyst for another exo bow, that's very sad. Because the arc Dreifaltigkeitsghoul got its upgrade last season 11 and immediately rose to the top exotic.

Are you an exo collector and need every catalyst in your collection? Or are you a hunter and think Leviathan-Breath is just great for the current season? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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