Destiny 2: Get the new exotic sniper cloud strike from Beyond Light

In Destiny 2 you can now earn the new exotic sniper rifle Cloudstrike from Beyond Light. We explains to you how you get this new weapon exotic.

What's up with the new exotic weapon? In Destiny 2, the Beyond Light Raid recently opened its doors in the Tiefsteinkrypta. And after the new raid was mastered, a lot has changed . So now two new weapon exotics from the new expansion can be earned or a few fresh quests and challenges on Europe can be tackled.

In addition to the sword “Die Klage” , the exotic sniper rifle Wolkenschlag now also belongs to the new Exotics . And We explains to you who get the new sniper.

Get cloud strike - Here's how

In short: The new sniper is a random boss drop from the “Empire Hunt” by Variks.

Get cloud strike - Here's how

Requirements: You have to activate the sabotage upgrade "Europe Explorers I and II" at Variks.

  • You need Part I to unlock Part II.
  • Part II activates selectable difficulty levels for the empire hunts after successful completion.
  • So you can then tackle empire hunts, which in turn lead to cloud cover.

Unlock Europe explorers: For all those who have already completed the Beyond Light campaign, the World First Clear of the new raid has now unlocked a new quest for the strange Exo on Europe - "Hard Rain".

You can find the stranger in the southern area "Beyond". The Exo Stranger then sends you to the current shadow zone (especially in the Eventide ruins) on Europe, where you should then complete public events and patrols, with powerful enemies and heroic events granting the greatest progress.

Once that is done, you have to return to the stranger. This will reward you with a pistol from the new Europa arsenal, but what is much more important: It unlocks new quests for Variks' sabotage missions, which lead you to new sabotage modifications - including "Europa-Entdecker I ". Select that and master the corresponding task.

With "Europa-Entdecker I" you have to land 50 kills each with kinetic and energy weapons on Europe, as well as achieve 25 kills with the power weapon on the new location. Have you done that, return to Variks. Now you can also select “Europe Explorer II” from him.

Now it is time to kill 30 powerful enemies in the Empire Hunts. One mission run should be enough to farm the required 30 enemies. But don't really finish the hunt until you reach 30 - this will save you the resources you need for a new hunt.

Upon completion, return to Variks and turn in the quest. This will enable you to unlock the Empire hunts

Complete empire hunts and get cloud cover: From now on you can simply select the empire hunts via the map of Europe including the level of difficulty. There is currently one, but these will probably rotate weekly.

It is a bit strange that the cloud strike is currently listed as a possible drop on all levels of difficulty, but the chance on all levels of difficulty is given as rare. So whether you have a correspondingly higher chance of this new weapon exotic at higher levels is currently not entirely clear.

The matchmaking is still active on the first two difficulty levels, Master and Hero, and the modifiers are still quite simple. So if you are not very advanced in the power level, do not want to go out alone and do not have a permanent team, one of these two levels of difficulty is recommended.

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