Destiny 2 - where to find entropic shards for the Aspect of Control quest

Fans trying to complete the Aspect of Control quest in Destiny 2 can find the locations of the five entropic shards in this guide.

The Aspect of Control is a new quest introduced as part of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion, and it begins by sending players on the hunt for entropic shards. These black pyramids can be found floating all over Europe, and fans simply need to shoot five of them with the Salvation's Grip to advance to the next stage of the Aspect of Control quest. This guide will help those players who may have trouble finding the required five entropy shards.

It should be noted that there are actually only nine shards of entropy to be found in Beyond Light, and fans will need to visit all of them if they want the Study Darkness triumph in Destiny 2. However, as Aspect of Control only requires five. , that's all that's covered here. As such, players working on the aforementioned Triumph or Shattered Title will need to look for other sources for the location of the remaining four entropy shards.

Destiny 2 Entropic Shards Locations

  • Asterion's Abyss: Walk to the end of the Lost Sector of the Hidden Abyss and look straight up. An entropic shard is in the glowing part of the ceiling;

  • Asterion's Abyss: This entropic shard is located on top of pillars on the surface of Europa, southeast of where the Lost Sector of the Hidden Abyss appears on the map;

  • Cadmus Ridge: Destiny 2 players will find this entropic shard in the northwest corner of the area, near the entrance to Bray Exoscience.

  • Kell's Rising: Players must look under the stairs leading to the last platform to find this entropic shard;

  • Technocrat's Iron: This final entropic shard can be found at the top of the pillar in the boss room.

After the player shoots the fifth and final shard of entropy, he will receive an indication that a new step is available in the Aspect of Control quest. This move instructs fans to return to the Key of Darkness in Riis Rebirth's approach, and players just need to chat with him upon arrival. Indeed, this will result in this new Destiny 2 quest being marked complete and fans rewarded for their efforts.

Specifically, players will receive the Ice Flare Stagnation Aspect, which causes frozen enemies to spawn seekers when they crash. These seekers end up targeting and damaging other nearby enemies, and fans who enjoy the new Stasis subclasses in Destiny 2 are encouraged to try this aspect.

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