Diablo 3 Season 22: Level Guide - Quickly to level 70

Diablo 3 Season 22: Level Guide - Quickly to level 70

In our level guide for Season 22 in Diablo 3 we show you how to quickly reach the max level 70. It's a kind of speed leveling. MeinMMO shows you the steps with and without Challenge Rift.

What does this guide show you? Here we show you how you quickly level your new season character in Season 22 of Diablo 3 to the maximum level 70.

With our guide, we are more aimed at the experienced Diablo 3 players who have already taken one or the other season with them. Bloody beginners who are just getting started with this hack-and-slay should take the time to level and not rush.

Before you start Season 22, you should decide on a class. If you need help with this, you can ask the Wheel of Fate to choose your class in D3.

Level up quickly in Season 22 of Diablo 3

The basic leveling has not changed in Season 22. Here and there the shadow clones help you and push you through sections of different levels. But the general tactic remains the same. 

In the last few seasons we had good experiences with the level method, which includes the challenge portal. In combination with Kanai's cube, you receive strong bonuses early on.

Here we introduce you to the method with and without a challenge portal. If you've already done your portal this week or just don't feel like doing it, skip the first part and read on after the section about the Challenge Rift.

Start with the challenge portal

This is how it starts: After the start of Season 22 in Diablo 3, you create a Seasonal Hero. Enter the game with this character and then leave it again in the main menu.

Now open the game settings and select the challenge portal on the left. It is very important that you have chosen your Seasonal Hero before entering the portal.

Note: This is only possible if you have already completed a large nephalem portal in Diablo 3. If you haven't done this with your account yet, skip this step.

What's the point The big reward for the Challenge Rift will help you get off to a good start into the new season. For the successful completion of the portal you will receive:

  • Bounty Material (15 each)
  • 35 breath of death
  • 475 Splinters of Blood
  • Crafting material
  • plus 4.6 million gold

This is how it continues after the portal: The first part of the preparation is now complete. Now it is a matter of implementing this advantage in the game.

  • You go back to the menu of the game and select the adventure mode on the difficulty "master"
  • Once in the game, you open the reward bag that was given for the successful challenge portal - it is displayed in the interface
  • Now grab the weapon of the Templar or another companion - it is always stronger than the starter weapon of your class
  • Optional: Complete a boss bounty now. Maghda, Zoltun Kull, Belial or the Skeleton King are particularly suitable for this. If one of these bosses has a bounty, you should do that. Strong items are waiting for you right away
  • Then you go to Act 3 to unlock Kanai's Cube. This is an important step in making effective use of the challenge portal step. 

Get a legendary item

After unlocking Kanai's Cube, you visit the city and your blacksmith there. Upgrade it completely, you already have the materials in your pocket. Now, depending on your class, build yellow armor or yellow weapon for level 70 at the blacksmith's. In the following table you can see what is worthwhile for which class.

You can now craft legendary items for your class through your preliminary work with the challenge portal. The yellow item from the blacksmith is upgraded to a legendary item with a recipe in Kanai's Cube. Then you can withdraw the legendary power and passively assign it to you in one of the slots.

This has a huge impact on your strength in the early levels.


Splinters of blood

Cube upgrade


Bracers (lvl 1)

Mighty 1H weapon - 6/8
Mighty 2H weapon - 3/6


Shield /
bracers (lvl 1)

2H flail - 6/8
1H flail - 4/7

Demon Hunter

Bracers (lvl 1)

Dagger - 2/2


Shoes /
bracers (lvl 1)

Fist weapon - 8/12
Daibo - 4/8


Gloves (lvl 1) -
rings = risky

2H Sense - 4/4

Witch doctor

Mojo (lvl 1),
voodoo mask (lvl 34)

Ceremonial knife - 8/12


Source (lvl 33) -
Rings (lvl 28) = risky

1H wand - 6/10


Depending on your chosen class, there are certain items at level 1 that you can exchange at Kadala in town. You received splinters of blood from the reward bag. At what level which items drop for you, learn it on D3planner.com.

Level up to 70 - Now it starts

With a passive, legendary power you are now better equipped for leveling.

Level 1 - 24

You decide: Depending on your preferred playstyle, you either level up with massacre bonuses in the halls of agony to level 1-3 or clear nephalem portals and complete them.

Solo players should move forward quickly with Massacre bonuses. Group players can do this up to level 30, but should then switch to normal nephalem portals, because as a group it usually progresses quickly.

With these methods you level up to level 24.

  • Every 8-10 levels you visit your blacksmith and try to make a more powerful weapon with him
  • Visit the vendors in town at regular intervals. They could sell you rings or amulets with an affix of "+ damage". These are great for leveling
  • If you loot a head object with a socket, it is best to put a red gemstone in there, which then gives you more experience points. If you have weapons with a socket, red gemstones are also suitable here. They directly do more damage in the level phase.
During your game phase you should always adjust the difficulty. Trash mobs should tip out of the mountain with 1-3 blows. If almost everything is a one-hit for you, then the difficulty turns up. If you need much longer, you put the game on an easier difficulty.

Level 24 - 40

From now on, experience has shown that it is best to level with nephalem portals.

  • You should complete this as quickly as possible
  • Tip for groups: Designate a player who will close the portal immediately after the death of the rift boss. In the remaining 30 seconds until it closes, he then returns to the group and everyone continues to kill mobs in the portal together.

Level 40 - 70

After reaching level 40 you teleport into the city and visit the mystic there. You now fully develop these.

  • Now make a yellow 2H weapon for level 70 at the blacksmith's
  • shop. You build as many of them until one has a% affix (% ​​chance to freeze, stun, etc.)
  • Did you get such a weapon?
  • No? Then go ahead, farm mats and try again.
  • Yes? Then go to the mystic and roll over the other secondary bonus (not the one with the%). You want to get a level reduction that comes as close as possible to 30 levels
  • As soon as you can carry these weapons, equip them and turn the difficulty really high. In the best case, you already carry a 70s weapon at level 40. Then set it to Torment 6 and slowly feel your way down if that is still too difficult.
  • With the high damage output of the 70s weapon, you should be making good progress now

Level up to 70: From now on you can level up well through nephalem portals. With or without a 70s gun, this is the way to go. With a 70 weapon it is best to be at a high level of agony - without a 70 weapon then on a difficulty where you can quickly finish the portal.

Now grind the portals up to level 70.

What's next after 70?

Which build you play now and start the season travel with it depends entirely on you. As a reward for the seasonal journey, you will receive starter sets in Season 22, which play an important role in the Great Rifts.

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