Everything you need to know about Fall Guys season 2

Everything you need to know about Fall Guys season 2

The title of Fall Guys has been characterized by in such a short time gaining the attention of all people, by becoming one of the most popular games. It also has a lot of virtues that make it one of the most interesting games, so today we will tell you everything you need to know about Fall Guys season 2 .

What's new in Fall Guys season 2?

Thanks to the constant updates that the Fall Guys developers have added, it has been possible to keep the attention of the players and capture that of the new players. In this way it has become one of the most played games, among these one of the most outstanding is the new season 2 that has been incorporated into the game.

This season is available since last October 8 , where you can enjoy all its levels which are in total 40. It is important that you know that it will be available only for two months , which means that this will be the time you will have to overcome each and every level of the game.

As you progress through the game you will acquire rewards and many benefits in the game, such as skins and many crowns. In addition, the difficulty of the levels is noted in the game, so it will be to the liking of all players, since it has wonderful things.

Among which the new medieval rounds stand out without leaving aside the new store hours , so you should be aware when it is unlocked. The maps and interface of the game also has some modifications that are very noticeable and at the same time striking.

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